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Sony LMD-2451MD Instructions For Use Manual Page 12

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The number of the DVI input connectors can be
increased by installing the optional input adaptor into
the optional input port.
To view more than SXGA signals when the DVI input is
selected, use the cable within 3 m (118
For acceptable formats, see "About the preset signal" on
page 38.
Optional port
Two optional input adaptors can be installed. The
composite, Y/C, component, analog RGB, SDI or DVI-
D signal can be input depending on the input connectors
of the board to be used. SDI supports not only HD-SDI
and SD-SDI, but also 3G-SDI, which transmits twice as
much data as HD-SDI with a Single-link.
NTSC or PAL color system or DTV format, such as
720P, 1080i, etc. can be selected automatically.
For acceptable formats, see "Available signal formats" on
page 37.
External sync input
The unit can be operated on the sync signal supplied
from an external sync generator.
APA (Auto Pixel Alignment) function
You can display pictures from the HD15 input connector
in the appropriate picture by simply pressing the APA
Automatic termination (connector with
mark only)
The input connector is terminated internally at 75 ohms
when nothing has been connected to the output
connector. If a cable is connected to the output
connector, the internal terminal is automatically
released and the signals input to the input connector are
output to the output connector (loop-through).
Select color temperature and gamma mode
You can select the color temperature from among three
(HIGH, LOW, LOW2) settings and gamma mode from
between two settings (2.2, DICOM). You can also adjust
the color temperature to the appropriate setting in
Two kinds of input signals are put on the monitor.
For more information, see MULTI DISPLAY of "MULTI
DISPLAY SETTING" on page 29.
Color space feature
You can select ITU-R BT.709 for the color space
Aspect setting
You can set the monitor to 4:3 or 16:9 display mode
according to the input signal.
Scan function
inches) in
You can select the display from among "NORMAL",
"OVER", "FULL" and "NATIVE" except the HD15 and
DVI input signals.
Select language display
You can select your language for the display from seven
languages - English, French, German, Spanish, Italian,
Japanese and Chinese.
Power saving function
The monitor enters into power saving mode to reduce
the power consumption when no signal is input.
Key inhibit function
You can inhibit the key to prevent missing an operation.
User memory function
You can save the 20 picture settings with the name. The
user memory data can be saved or loaded between the
monitor and the equipment (PC, etc.) connected in
serial remote mode.
Two kinds of ground terminals
Two kinds of ground terminals are built into the monitor
to equal the electric potential.
External remote function
The input signal is selected or various items are adjusted
by use of the serial (Ethernet) remote function. You can
connect this unit to the monitor by the Ethernet
(10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) connection and controlled
remotely on the network.
For more information, see SERIAL REMOTE of
REMOTE menu on page 32.
Optional stand
It is more convenient to install the monitor on a desk by
using the optional stand (SU-560).


Table of Contents

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