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wom excessively, replace the chain and both
sprockets as a set. Whenever the sprockets
are inspected, the drive chain should be
inspected also (see Chapter 1). If you are
replacing the chain, replace the sprockets as
3 Adjust and lubricate the chain following the
procedures described in Chapter 1.
Caution: Use only the recommended
Front sprocket
4 Unscrew the gearchange lever pinch bolt
and remove the lever
the shaft, noting
any alignment marks on the lever and the
shaft (see illustration 15.28). If no marks are
visible, make your own before removing the
lever so that it can be correctly aligned with
the shaft on installation. Unscrew the bolts
securing the engine sprocket cover to the
crankcase and move the cover aside (see
illustration 15.2b). There is no need to detach
the clutch cable from the cover.
5 Remove the circlip securing the sprocket to
the end of the output shaft (see illustration).
6 Slide the sprocket and chain off the shaft,
then slip the sprocket out of the chain. If the
chain is too tight to allow the sprocket to be
slid off the shaft, slacken the chain adjusters
to provide some freeplay (see Chapter 1), or, if
the rear sprocket is being replaced as well,
remove the rear wheel.
7 Engage the new sprocket with the chain
16.7a Fit the sprocket into the chain. . .
Frame, suspension and final drive 5.17
the stamped mark facing out, then apply a
suitable non-permanent thread locking
compound to the stud threads and tighten the
sprocket nuts to the torque setting specified
at the beginning of the Chapter.
13 Install the rear wheel (see Chapter 6).
14 Adjust and lubricate the chain following
the procedures described in Chapter 1.
17 Rear
wheel coupling!
rubber dampers -
check and replacement
The sprocket is retained on the
output shaft by a circlip (arrow)
1 Remove the rear wheel (see Chapter 6).
Caution: Do not lay the wheel down on the
disc as it could become warped. Lay the
wheel on wooden blocks so that the disc Is
off the ground.
2 Lift the sprocket
coupling away from the
wheel leaving the rubber dampers in position
in the wheel (see illustration).
Note the
spacer inside the coupling.
3 Uft the rubber damper segments from the
wheel and check them for cracks. hardening
and general deterioration (see
Replace the rubber dampers as a set if
4 Checking and replacement procedures for
the sprocket coupling bearing are described
in Section 16 of Chapter 6.
5 Installation is the reverse of removal. Make
sure the spacer is correctly installed in the
6 Install the rear wheel (see Chapter 6).
and slide it on the shaft (see illustrations).
Secure the sprocket with its circlip, making
sure it is properly seated in its groove (see
8 Install the sprocket cover and the
gearchange lever, aligning the punch marks.
Adjust and lubricate the chain following the
procedures described in Chapter 1.
Rear sprocket
9 Remove the rear wheel (see Chapter 6).
10 Unscrew the nuts securing the sprocket
to the wheel coupling, then remove the
sprocket, noting which way round it fits (see
11 Before installing the new rear sprocket,
check the wheel coupling
and damper
assembly components (see Section 17).
12 Install the sprocket
onto the coupling with
16.7c ... and retain it with the circlip
17.2 Lift the sprocket coupling
om of the wheel...
17.3 ... and check the damper segments
for wear and deterioration


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