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4. Troubleshooting
I cannot find Internet Sharer in the Wlan
settings menu.
The WLAN data rate is slow.
The DLNA server that I could see on the
TV has suddenly disappeared. What
should I do?
Although the Samsung PC server is on,
a message pops up informs you that the
Samsung server is off.
I have registered a file with the
Samsung PC Share Manager to watch
it on the TV, but I cannot find the file on
the TV. What should I do?
I can see the folders shared through the
PC Share Manager,
but I cannot see the files.
The 2x and 3x Fast Forward video
function on the PC connected to the
network does not work.
Video is played intermittently.
Pressing the Pause key while a video or
music file is playing does not work. The
Seek function does not work either.
I cannot move folders and files or
cannot copy them by Dragging &
Dropping them in the PC Share
Manager program.
I changed DTV replacing older one.
However, after changing the DTV, I can
not discover PC Server, though I use
same IP address which I used before.
I cannot play a video file.
I can see visuals but I cannot hear
audio when playing a video.
An explanation of Media
An explanation of Media
PC Share Manager
PC Share Manager
Content Sharing
Content Sharing
DLNA Video Play
DLNA Video Play
DLNA Video Play
PC Share Manager
Access control function
runs based solery on
MAC address of target
DLNA Video Play
DLNA Video Play
Only InfraStructure mode of the sharer is supported. Ad-
Hoc mode is not supported. If multiple sharers are being
used, configure them so that they do not use the same
channel. Set up the sharer to not control the ICMP so that it
answers the Ping test.
If the distance from the sharer is too far, the operation may
slow or the sharer may not be found. If there is an obstacle,
wall or electronic device between the TV and the sharer,
the operation may slow or the sharer may not be found due
to a difficulty in communication.
1.Check if the PC is turned off. 2. Check if the Samsung
TV is set to reject connections in the access control menu
of the Samsung PC Share Manager. If so, change the
setting to allow connections. 3.Check if the LAN cable is
connected to the PC and the TV.
When the shared folder of the server is reconfigured, the
DLNA server function stops temporarily and then resumes
after the reconfiguration is completed. When the server is
renamed, the DLNA server function also temporarily stops
and then resumes .
1. The Share function is not provided for every file. Files in
a format that is not supported by DLNA are not displayed
on the TV even if they are displayed on a PC. Please
accept our apologies, we are working on this.
2. Check if the folder with the files registered to Samsung
PC Share Manager is shared. The folder should be also
3. Check if you have clicked the Apply button after sharing
the folder including the file. If you are unsure about this,
please click the button again and recheck if the file is
displayed after a while.
Since it shows only files corresponding to the Image,
Music, and Movie categories, files that do not correspond
to these categories may not be displayed.
The function that supports playing a video on a PC
connected over the network does not support the 2x and 3x
Fast Forward functions.
Check if the network is stable. Check if the network cable is
properly connected and if the network is not overloaded.
If there is a wireless network section between the server
and the DTV, the communications environment may be
The Pause function may not be supported depending on
the content provided by the DLNA server or the server.
The Seek function is also not supported.
The PC Share Manager program provides file sharing with
a PC and the TV and does not provide those functions.
You should set new DTV as "accept" in PC share manager
Menu  SHARE  Set Device Policy
Only videos recorded by specific Samsung camcorders and
digital cameras can be played. Other videos may or may
not be played depending on the resolution and format.
If the audio format is not supported or the file is a non-
interleaved file, only video is played.


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