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2. Product specifications
Set up user profiles through Profile Widget. You can set up multiple profiles, each with its own list of widgets. Use the Switch
Profile option to switch to a different user profile.
 There must be at least two registered profiles. For instructions on adding a profile, refer to Administrative Controls.
 Use the Profile Settings option to customize and protect your profile.
- User profiles can be customized with a unique name and avatar (a picture used
to represent your profile).
- Your profile's name and avatar are displayed in the profile snippet in the dock.
- Protect your profile using the Create Profile PIN option.
- When setting up a new PIN, you can set a Security Question.
The Profile Settings option limits access to the profile's widgets.
- If you forget your Profile PIN, answer your profile's Security Question.
- New widgets cannot be added to profiles with Limit Profile indicator enabled.
Owner PIN must be set to use this feature.
For instructions on setting Owner PIN, refer to Administrative Controls.
 System Settings allows you to:
- Change your Location and Zip Code (US only) to tailor contents specific to your
- Replay the tutorial that was shown during guided setup.
- Restore Factory Settings resets all widget settings and information.
 From the Administrative Controls menu you can:
- Configure Screen Saver timeout to avoid screen burn-in.
- Create Owner PIN and set a Security Question to control other profiles.
- Create and configure a new profile with a unique set of widgets.
- Delete an existing profile.
 Sign into Yahoo!® from PROFILE Widget using your Yahoo! ID.
- If you have a Yahoo! ID, you can access personalized content using Yahoo! TV widgets.
- You will be automatically signed-in to all installed Yahoo! TV widgets with your profile's Yahoo! ID.
- If you do not have a Yahoo! account, visit com to create one.
- You may not be able to log in with an ID created hrough a Yahoo website in a country that does not support
 About Profile Widget: Press the green button to view a brief description of Profile Widget, Copyright Policy,
Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.
Widget Gallery
Use Yahoo!® Widget Gallery to add more widgets to your TV. iew available TV widgets in the following categories:
Displays recommended widgets.
Displays the most recent widgets.
All widgets
Displays all widgets.
Displays all widgets by category.
To install a widget, navigate to the detail screen and select Add Widget to My
Profile and press ENTER.
The widget will be installed and become available in the dock.
Widget Gallery Settings
Press the green button.
- About Yahoo! Widget Gallery...: You can view brief information for the Widget
Gallery, Copyright Policy, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.
- TV Widget Software: Displays the current version of the system software,
and installed widgets.
- Create your own widgets through the Developer Settings menu.
For more information, visit our developer site at


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