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Maintenance And Service - Bosch PLR50 C Original Instructions Manual

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Measuring result not plausible
The target surface does not reflect correctly
(e.g. water, glass).
The laser beam outlet 8 or the reception lens 9
are covered.
Wrong reference level set
Obstruction in path of laser beam
The display remains unchanged or the measuring tool reacts unexpectedly
when the measuring button or the buttons are pressed
Software error
The measuring tool monitors the correct operation in each measure-
ment. If a defect is detected, the display will show only the adjacent
symbol. In this case, or when the above mentioned corrective meas-
ures cannot correct an error, have the measuring tool checked by an
after-sales service agent for Bosch power tools.

Maintenance and Service

Maintenance and Cleaning
Store and transport the measuring tool only in the supplied protective pouch.
Keep the measuring tool clean at all times.
Do not immerse the measuring tool in water or other fluids.
Wipe off debris using a moist and soft cloth. Do not use any cleaning agents or sol-
Maintain the reception lens 9 in particular, with the same care as required for eye
glasses or the lens of a camera.
In case of repairs, send in the measuring tool packed in its protective pouch 12.
2 609 141 217 | (7.11.14)
Corrective Measure
Cover off the target surface
Make sure that the laser beam out-
let 8 or the reception lens 9 are un-
Select reference level that corre-
sponds to measurement
Laser point must be completely on
target surface.
Remove the batteries/rechargea-
ble batteries, reinsert them and re-
start the measuring tool.
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