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Pocket photo
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Setting iPhone Pocket Photo App
You can check device/battery status, the number of
photos printed, MAC address and device version.
And you can change setting of print mode and Auto
power off.
1. Run LG Pocket Photo App on iPhone.
(To check [Device information], set to [On] the
Bluetooth of iPhone.)
2. Go to Setting .
3. Touch Setting options to change.
Prints without white space. (The
] Paper Full
edge of the image can be cut
Prints an image as a whole.
] Image Full
(White space can occur at the
edge of the paper.)
Auto Power Off
Set a time so that the device
turns itself off.
(Default is [5 min].)
y The longer time you set [ Auto Power Off ]
to, the more the battery consumption is. The
number of maximum prints may differ.
y It is recommended to keep default setting of
the device.


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