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Valve/valve Guide; Valve Removal; Valve Installation; Valve Guide Removal - Kawasaki KLX110 Service Manual

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Table of Contents

Valve/Valve Guide

Valve Removal

Cylinder Head
Rocker Arm & Rocker Arm Shaft
Using the valve spring compressor assembly to press down the valve
spring retainer, remove the split keeper.
Special Tools - Valve Spring Compressor Assembly: 57001–241 [A]
Valve Spring Compressor Adapter, 20: 57001–1154 [B]
Remove the tool and then remove the spring retainer, spring, and
spring seat.
Push out the valve.
Pull off the valve stem oil seal.

Valve Installation

Replace the valve stem oil seal [A].
Push a new valve stem oil seal into place.
If a new valve is to be used, check the valve to guide clearance.
If there is too much clearance, install a new valve guide.
Check the valve seat [B].
Apply a thin coat of molybdenum disulfide grease to the valve stem
Install spring [D] so that the closed coil end [E] faces downwards,
white paint faces upward.
Install the spring retainer [F] press it down with the valve spring
compressor assembly, and put on the split keepers [G].
After making sure that the split keepers and valve stem are all properly
fitted, remove the tool.
Rocker Arm & Arm Shaft
Cylinder Head
Check the valve clearance, and adjust if necessary.

Valve Guide Removal

Cylinder Head
Valve Stem Oil Seal
Heat the area around the guide to about 120
and hammer lightly on the valve guide arbor [A] to remove the guide
from the top of the head.
Special Tool -
Valve Guide Arbor,

Valve Guide Installation

Valve guide are identical.
Lightly oil the valve guide outer surface.
Heat the cylinder head around the valve guide hole to about 120

C (250
Drive the valve guide in from the top of the cylinder head until the
circlip stops the guide from going in too far.
Allow the cylinder head to cool.
Ream the valve guide with the valve guide reamer [A] even if the old
guide is reused.
Special Tool -
Valve Guide Reamer 5.5: 57001–1020

C (250
5.5: 57001–1021



Table of Contents

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