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Chain Lubrication; Sprocket Wear Inspection; Chain Slipper Wear Inspection; Brakes - Kawasaki KLX110 Service Manual

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Periodic Maintenance Procedures

Chain Lubrication

The chain should be lubricated with a lubricant which will both prevent
its exterior from rusting and also absorb shock and reduce friction in
the interior of the chain. An effective, good quality lubricant specially
formulated for chains is best for regular chain lubrication. If a special
lubricant is not available, a heavy oil such as SAE 90 is preferred to
a lighter oil because it will stay on the chain longer and provide better
If the chain appears especially dirty, it should be cleaned before
Apply oil to the sides of the rollers and between the side plates of the
links so that oil will penetrate to the bushings and pins where most
wear takes place.
Wipe off any excess oil.

Sprocket Wear Inspection

Visually inspect the engine and rear sprocket teeth for wear and
If they are worn as illustrated or damaged, replace the sprocket with
new ones and inspect the drive chain wear.
Worn Tooth (Engine Sprocket) [A]
Worn Tooth (Rear Sprocket) [B]
Direction of Rotation [C]
If a sprocket requires replacement, the chain is probably worn also.
When replacing a sprocket, inspect the chain.

Chain Slipper Wear Inspection

Visually inspect the chain slipper [A] on the swingarm and replace it
if worn or damaged.


Brake Lever, Brake Pedal Free Play Inspection

Check the front brake lever free play [A] when the brake is lightly
Lever Free Play
If the lever has improper play, adjust it.
Operate the lever a few times to see that it returns to its rest position
immediately upon release.
5 mm


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