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Clutch; Clutch Adjustment; Engine Lubrication System; Oil Level Inspection - Kawasaki KLX110 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
Periodic Maintenance Procedures
Install the spark arrester and torque the spark arrester mounting bolts.
Torque -
Spark Arrester Mounting Bolts: 8.8 N
Install the muffler cover.


Clutch Adjustment

Loosen the adjusting screw locknut [A].
Turn the adjusting screw [B] counterclockwise until it becomes hard
to turn, and then back it out a quarter turn.
Tighten the locknut without changing the adjusting screw position.
Start the engine and inspect the conditions of clutch while shifting the
pedal a few times.
Torque -
Adjusting Screw Locknut: 19 N

Engine Lubrication System

In order for the transmission and clutch to function properly, always
maintain the engine oil at the proper level and change the oil periodically.
Motorcycle operation with insufficient, deteriorated, or con-
taminated engine oil will cause accelerated, wear and may re-
sult in transmission seizure, accident, and injury.

Oil Level Inspection

To check the oil level, start the engine and run it for several minutes
at idle speed. This fills the oil filter with oil. Then stop the engine and
wait several minutes until the oil settles.
If the motorcycle has just been used, wait several minutes for all the
oil to drain down.
Situate the motorcycle so that it is perpendicular to the ground.
Check that the engine oil level is between the upper [A] and lower [B]
levels in the gauge.
The oil level should be between the lines next to the gauge.
If the oil level is too high, remove the excess oil, using a syringe or
some other suitable device.
If the oil level is too low, add oil through the oil filler opening. Use the
same type and make of oil that is already in the engine.
If the oil must be refilled but the type and brand of the oil already in
the engine are unidentified, change the oil in the engine completely.

Oil Changing

Support the motorcycle perpendicular to the ground.
Warm up the engine thoroughly so that the oil will pick up any
sediment and drain easily. Then stop the engine.
Place an oil pan beneath the engine.
Remove the engine oil drain plug [A] and the oil filler opening to drain
the oil.
The oil in the oil filter can be drained by removing the filter.
m (0.9 kgf
m, 78 in
m (1.9 kgf
m, 14 ft


Table of Contents

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