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Air Cleaner Element Cleaning And Inspection; Engine Top End; Valve Clearance Inspection - Kawasaki KLX110 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
Periodic Maintenance Procedures

Air Cleaner Element Cleaning and Inspection

In dusty areas, the element should be cleaned more frequently than
recommended interval.
After riding through rain or on muddy roads, the element should be
cleaned immediately.
Since repeated cleaning opens the pores of the element, replace it
with a new one. Also, if there is a break in the element material or
any other damage to the element, replace the element with a new
Clean the element in a well-ventilated area, and take care that
there are no sparks or flame anywhere near the working area;
this includes any appliance with a pilot light. Because of the
danger of highly flammable liquids, do not use gasoline or a
low flash-point solvent to clean the element.
Remove the air cleaner element [A] (see Fuel System chapter).
Clean the element in a bath of a high flash-point solvent using a soft
bristle brush. Squeeze it dry in a clean towel. Do not wring the
element or blow it dry; the element can be damaged.
Check all the parts of the element for visible damage.
If any of the parts of the element are damaged, replace them.
After cleaning, saturate the element with a high-quality foam-air-filter
oil, squeeze out the excess, then wrap it in a clean rag and squeeze
it as dry as possible. Be careful not to tear the sponge filter.
Remove the towel from the carburetor.
Install the element.

Engine Top End

Valve Clearance Inspection

If valve clearance is left unadjusted, wear will eventually cause
the valves to remain partly open, which lowers performance,
burns the valves and the valve seats, and may cause serious
engine damage.
Valve clearance must be checked when the engine is cold (at room
Valve Clearance (when engine cold)
Inlet and Exhaust:
Left Shroud
Spark Plug (see Electrical System chapter)
Camshaft Sprocket Cover [A] ( see Camshaft Sprocket Removal in
the Engine Top End chapter.)
Valve Adjusting Covers [B] (see Rocker Arm Removal in the Engine
Top End chapter.)
0.08 mm


Table of Contents

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