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Periodic Maintenance Procedures; Fuel System; Fuel Hose And Connection Inspection; Fuel Tap Inspection - Kawasaki KLX110 Service Manual

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Periodic Maintenance Procedures

Fuel System

Fuel Hose and Connection Inspection

Check the fuel hose [A] for the following.
Fuel leakage
Loose or improperly positioned line clamp [B]
Deteriorated or damaged line
Replace the fuel hose if any fraying, cracks or bulges are noticed.
When installing, route the hoses according to Cable, Wire, and Hose
Routing section in the General Information chapter.
When installing the fuel hoses, avoid sharp bending, kinking, flatten-
ing or twisting, and route the fuel hoses with a minimum of bending
so that the fuel flow will not be obstructed.
Replace the hose if it has been sharply bent or kinked.

Fuel Tap Inspection

Remove the fuel tap (see Fuel System chapter).
Check the fuel tap filter screen [A] for any breaks or deterioration.
If the fuel tap screen have any breaks or is deteriorated, it may allow
dirt to reach the carburetor, causing poor running. Replace the fuel
If the fuel tap leaks, or allows fuel to flow when it is at OFF position,
replace the damaged O-ring [B].

Fuel Tap Cleaning

Clean the tap in a well-ventilated area, and take care that
there is no sparks or flame anywhere near the working area.
Because of the danger of highly flammable liquids, do not use
gasoline or low flash-point solvent to clean the tap.
Clean the fuel tap filter screen in a high flash-point solvent.
Pour high flash-point solvent through the tap in all lever positions.
Dry the tank and tap with compressed air.
Install the tap in the tank.
Install the fuel tank.

Throttle Grip Free Play Inspection

If the throttle grip has excessive free play due to cable stretch or
misadjustment, there will be a delay in throttle response. Also, the
throttle valve may not open fully at full throttle. On the other hand, if
the throttle grip has no play, the throttle will be hard to control, and the
idle speed will be erratic. Check the throttle grip play periodically in
accordance with the Periodic Maintenance Chart, and adjust the play if
The throttle cable routing is shown in Cable, Harness, Hose Routing
section in the General Information chapter.
Check throttle grip free play [B] by lightly turning the throttle grip [A]
back and forth.
If the free play is improper, adjust the throttle cable.
Throttle Grip Free Play
3 mm


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