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Troubleshooting Guide
Transmission noise:
Crankcase bearing worn
Metal chip jammed in gear theeth
Transmission gears worn or chipped
Engine oil insufficient or too thin
Kick ratchet gear not properly disengaging from kick
Kick idle gear worn or chipped
Drive chain noise:
Drive chain adjusted improperly
Chain worn
Rear and/or engine sprocket(s) worn
Chain lubrication insufficient
Rear Wheel misaligned
Abnormal Frame Noise:
Front fork noise:
Oil insufficient or too thin
Spring weak or broken
Rear shock absorber noise:
Shock absorber damaged
Brake noise:
Brake linings over worn or worn unevenly
Drum worn unevenly or scored
Brake spring(s) weak or broken
Foreign matter in hub
Brake not properly adjusted
Other noise:
Bracket, nut, bolt, etc.
Exhaust Smokes Excessively:
White smoke:
Piston oil ring worn
Cylinder worn
Valve oil seal damaged
Valve guide worn
Engine oil level too high
Black smoke:
Air cleaner clogged
Main jet too large or fallen off
Choke valve closed
Float level too high
Brown smoke:
Main jet too small
Fuel level too low
Air cleaner duct loose
Air cleaner poorly sealed or missing
Handling and/or Stability Unsatisfactory:
Handlebar hard to turn:
Steering stem locknut too tight
not properly mounted or
Steering stem bearing damaged
Race(s) dented or worn
Steering stem lubrication inadequate
Steering stem bent
Tire air pressure too low
Handlebar shakes or excessively vibrates:
Tire worn
Swingarm bushing damaged
Rim warped
Spokes loose
Front, rear axle runout excessive
Wheel bearing worn
Handlebar clamp bolt loose
Steering stem head nut and/or handlebar bracket bolt
Handlebar pulls to one side:
Frame bent
Wheel misalignment
Swingarm bent or twisted
Swingarm pivot shaft runout excessive
Steering stem bent
Front fork leg bent
Right/left front fork oil level uneven
Rear shock absorber and/or swingarm bent
Shock absorption unsatisfactory:
(Too hard)
Front fork oil excessive
Front fork oil viscosity too high
Front fork bent
Tire air pressure too high
(Too soft)
Front fork oil viscosity too low
Front fork, rear shock absorber spring weak
Front fork oil leaking
Rear shock absorber oil leaking
Tire air pressure too low
Brake Doesn't Hold:
Drum Brake:
Brake not properly adjusted
Linings overworn or worn unevenly
Drum worn unevenly or scored
Cam, camshaft, shaft hole worn
Oil, grease on lining and drum
Dirt, water between lining and drum


Table of Contents

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