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Crankcase Splitting; Crankcase Assembly - Kawasaki KLX110 Service Manual

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Table of Contents

Crankcase Splitting

Crankcase Splitting
Remove the engine (see Engine Removal/Installation chapter).
Set the engine on a clean surface and hold the engine steady while
parts are being removed.
Cylinder Head (see Engine Top End chapter)
Cylinder (see Engine Top End chapter)
Piston (see Engine Top End chapter)
Clutch Cover (see Clutch chapter)
Primary Clutch, Secondary Clutch (see Clutch chapter)
Kick Shaft (see Clutch chapter)
Oil Filter & Oil Pump (see Engine Lubrication System chapter)
External Shift Mechanism (see Clutch chapter)
Magneto Cover (see Electrical System chapter)
Magneto Flywheel (see Electrical System chapter)
Gear Position Switch
Crankcase Screws [A]
Using the crankcase splitting tool assembly [A], split the crankcase.
Special Tool -
Crankcase Splitting Tool Assembly: 57001–1098
Once the crankcase is split, remove the crankcase splitting tool and
separate the crankcase halves.
Remove the crankshaft from the crankcase half using a press.
Do not remove the ball, needle bearings and the oil seals
unless it is necessary. Removal may damage them.
Press the remaining bearing out of the crankcase half if the bearing
remains on the crankcase half.

Crankcase Assembly

Right and left crankcase halves are machined at the factory
in the assembled state, so the crankcase halves must be
replaced as a set.
Chip off the old gasket from the mating surfaces of the crankcase
Using compressed air, blow out the oil passages [A] in the crankcase
halves and the crankshaft.
With a high-flash-point solvent, clean off the mating surfaces of the
crankcase halves and wipe dry.
Clean the engine parts in a well-ventilated area, and take care
that there are no sparks or flame anywhere near the working
area; this includes any appliance with a pilot light. Do not use
gasoline or a low-flash-point solvent to clean parts. A fire or
explosion could result.


Table of Contents

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