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Before Servicing
(14) Lubrication
Engine wear is generally at its maximum while the engine is warming up and before all the rubbing surfaces have
an adequate lubricative film. During assembly, oil or grease (whichever is more suitable) should be applied to any
rubbing surface which has lost its lubricative film. Old grease and dirty oil should be cleaned off. Deteriorated grease
has lost its lubricative quality and may contain abrasive foreign particles.
Don't use just any oil or grease. Some oils and greases in particular should be used only in certain applications
and may be harmful if used in an application for which they are not intended. This manual makes reference to
molybdenum disulfide grease (MoS
recommendations before using such special lubricants.
(15) Electrical Wires
All the electrical wires are either single-color or two-color and, with only a few exceptions, must be connected to
wires of the same color. On any of the two-color wires there is a greater amount of one color and a lesser amount of
a second color, so a two-color wire is identified by first the primary color and then the secondary color. For example,
a yellow wire with thin red stripes is referred to as a "yellow/red" wire; it would be a "red/yellow" wire if the colors were
reversed to make red the main color.
(16) Replacement Parts
When there is a replacement instruction, replace these parts with new ones every time they are removed. These
replacement parts will be damaged or lose their original function once removed.
(17) Inspection
When parts have been disassembled, visually inspect these parts for the following conditions or other damage. If
there is any doubt as to the condition of them, replace them with new ones.
Color change
(18) Specifications
Specification terms are defined as follows:
"Standards" show dimensions or performances which brand-new parts or systems have.
"Service Limits" indicate the usable limits. If the measurement shows excessive wear or deteriorated performance,
replace the damaged parts.
) in the assembly of certain engine and chassis parts. Always check manufacturer


Table of Contents

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