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31.5” (80 cm) hd led tv with dvb-t/t2/s2
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The unit contains different setting menus. Once the initial programming is entered, it will
remain in the memory until changed, and the unit can always be operated under the same
The settings will remain in the memory until the settings are changed, even after setting the
player to the standby mode.
Common procedure for initial settings
Press MENU on the unit or remote control to display the main menu.
Press the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT navigation buttons to move the cursor.
Press the OK or RIGHT navigation button to enter submenu.
Press MENU to save the current setting and return to previous menu page.
Press EXIT to exit the menu page.
Connect to power source and turn on the TV, then the below setup page will be displayed on
the screen.
Press UP/DOWN to move the cursor.
Press the LEFT/RIGHT navigation button to select an option.
select the on-screen menu language.
select your country.
Energy Mode:
select Home or Store mode.
Tuning Setup
If above selections are finished, press OK to call out
Tuning Setup.
Select preferred Tune Type and Digital Type using
navigation buttons and press OK button to start auto
Note: Items following the Digital Type are adjustable only when
the Digital Type is DVB-C/Satellite and these items vary for
different digital types.


First Time Installation



Table of Contents

Table of Contents