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Cleaning And Maintenance - Black & Decker PD1200B Instruction Manual

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Charge only at ambient temperatures between
10°C and 40°C.
This appliance includes some or all of the following features.
1. On/off power switch
2. Removable hose/handle
3. Locking ring
4. Hose
5. Filter cleaning wheel
6. Charging inlet
7. Transparent door
8. LED charging indicator
9. Door latch
10. 2-in-1 combi nozzle accessory
11. Accessory clip
12. Crevice tool
Mounting accessories (fig. A & B)
The 2-in-1 combi nozzle (10) has a brush that can be folded
forward for dusting and upholstery cleaning.
The crevice tool (12) allows for vacuuming in narrow and
hard to-reach places.
To fit an accessory press the accessory clip (11) and
slide the accessory onto the handle (2).
To remove an accessory, press the accessory clip (11)
and remove the accessory.
The handle (2) can be removed from the hose (4) allowing
the accessories to be connected directly to the hose cuff (18)
when required. To remove the handle:
Unclip the handle (2) from the appliance.
Rotate the locking ring (3) anti-clockwise to release the
Pull the hose (4) away from the handle (2).
Fit the accessory directly to the hose cuff (18).
To refit the handle:
Remove the accessory from the hose.
Push the hose (4) into the handle (2). Rotate the locking
ring (3) clockwise until it clicks into place.
Before first use, the batteries must be charged for at least
16 hours.
Connect the appliance to the charger for a minimum
of 16 hours.
Charge the batteries as described below.
You may need to charge/discharge the appliance a minimum
of 5 times in order to achieve the best running time
Charging the battery (fig. C)
Warning! Do not charge the battery at ambient
temperatures below 10°C or above 40°C.
To charge the appliance:
Make sure that the appliance is switched off. The
battery will not be charged with the on/off power switch
(1) in the on position.
Insert the plug into the charging inlet (6) in the base.
Plug in the charger and switch on at the mains.
The charging indicator (8) will be lit.
For the first charging, leave the appliance to charge for
at least 16 hours.
Switching on and off
To switch the appliance on, slide the on/off power
switch (1) to the right to position 1.
To switch the appliance off, slide the on/off power
switch (1) to the left until it clicks into the off position.
When operating the appliance, make sure that the hose
is not trapped, twisted or blocked.
The handle (2) can be easily removed from the
appliance allowing you to reach up to 1.5 m from the
With the handle (2) removed, the appliance can be
carried using the built-in handle.
The handle (2) can also be removed from the hose (4)
so that you can connect an accessory directly to the
hose cuff (18) when required.
Hints for optimum use
When vacuuming stairs, always start at the bottom and
work your way up.
Optimising the suction force
In order to keep the suction force optimised, the filters must
be cleared regularly during use.
Turn the filter cleaning wheel (5) two turns clockwise to
remove out any dust from the filters.
The fine particulate filter must be cleaned regularly, see
"Cleaning the fine particulate filter" section.

Cleaning and maintenance

Emptying the dust container (fig. D)
The dust container must be emptied regularly, preferably
after every use.
Release the door catch (9) and open the transparent
door (7) 180° until it clicks in the open position.
Remove the pre-filter (19).
Empty the dust container.



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