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General Lubrication
Lubrication (Periodic Maintenance)
• Before lubricating each part, clean off any rusty spots with
rust remover and wipe off any grease, oil, dirt, or grime.
• Lubricate the points listed below with indicated lubricant.
OWhenever the vehicle has been operated under
wet or rainy conditions. or especially after using
high-pressure water spray, perfonn the general lubri-
Pivots: Lubricate with Motor Oil.
Rear Brake Rod Joint
Points: Lubricate with Grease.
Clutch Inner Cable Upper and Lower Ends (A]
Throttle Inner Cable Upper and Lower Ends
Choke Inner Cable Upper and Lower End
Speedometor Inner Cable Lower End
Clutch Lever (Silicon Grease)
Brake Lever (Smcon Grease)
Brake Pedal
Side Stand
Front and Rear Footpegs
Swingarm Bearings
Rocker Arm Bearings
Tie·Rod Bearing
Cables: lubricate with Rust Inhibiter
Choke Cable
Throttle Cables
Clutch Cable
elubricate the cables by seeping the oil between the cable
and housing.
OThe cable may be lubricated by using a commercially
available pressure cable lubricator with an aerosol cable
e With the cable disconnected at both ends, the cable
should move freely [A] within the cable housing.
*If cable movement is not free after lubricating, if the cable
is frayed (B] or if the cable housing is kinked (C), replace
the cable.


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