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Ignition Coil Inspection; Spark Plug Removal, Installation - Kawasaki ZR-7S Service Manual

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Ignition System
Ignition Coil Inspection
• Remove the ignition coils.
• With the spark plug caps left attached, connect the igni-
tion coil [8] to the tester [A] to measure the arcing dis-
To avoid extremely high voltage shocks, do not
touch the coil body or leads.
If the distance reading is less than the specified value, the
ignition coil or spark plug caps are defective.
Ignition Coil Arcing Distance
7 mm (0.28 in.) or more
• Remove the spark plug caps to measure the arcing dis-
tance again.
*11 the arcing distance is subnormal as before, replace the
ignition coil.
If the arcing distance is now normal, replace the spark
plug caps
Off the coil tester is unavailable, the internal resistance
of the ignition coil can be checked with
hand tester.
However, this inspection is not sufficient to determine
whether or not the coil is defective.
.., ..... " c
• Remove the spark plug caps and measure the resistance
as shown on the right.
OSet the hand tester to the x 1 Q range and measure [A]
the resistance of the primary windings.
OSet the hand tester to the x 1 kQ range and measure [8]
the resistance of the secondary windings. Ignition Coil [C]
*If the measurement is out of standard, replace the ignition
Ignition Coil Resistance
Primary windings 2.61 - 3.19
Secondary windings 13.5 -16.5 kO:
• Visually inspect the secondary wire.
If it is damaged, replace the ignition coil.
OTo install the spark plug caps, turn them in clockwise.
Spark Plug Removal, Installation
• Take out the spark plug cap and remove the spark plug.
Owner's Tool-Spark Plug Wrench: 92110-1130 [A]
Special Tool- Spark Plug Wrench: 57001-1024
• Install the spark plug and tighten it to the specified torque.
Torque - Spark Plug: 14 N·m (1.4 kgf·m, 10 ft·lb)
• Fit the plug caps securely.
• Pull up the spark plug caps lightly to make sure of the
installation of the spark plug caps.


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