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Front Fork
Compress [8] the fork [A] upside down to draw out the oil
into the contain [C].
Pour in the specified amount of oil.
KAYABA KHl34-G1 0 or equivalent
Capacity (one side):
For oil change: approx. 400 ml (13.52 US oz.)
o Move the outer tube up and down a few times to remove
the air that is trapped in the fork oil in order to stabilize
the oil level.
Hold the outer tube vertically in a vise and compress the
fork completely.
Wait until the oil level stabilizes.
Use the fork oil level gauge [A] to measure the distance
between the top of the inner tube to the oil level.
Special Tool- Fork Oil level Gauge: 57001-1290
OSet the oil level gauge stopper [8] so that the distance [C]
from the bottom of the stopper to the lower end of the pipe
is the standard oil level distance.
OA correct measurement cannot be obtained unless the
level gauge pipe is placed in the center of the inner
Oil level (Full compressed, without fork spring)
115:t2 mm (4.53 :to.08
OPlace the stopper of the level gauge at the top [E] of the
inner tube [0] and pull the handle slowly to draw out the
excess oil from fork into the gauge, thus attaining the stan-
dard level.
Olf not oil is drawn out, there is not enough oil in the fork.
Pour in some more oil and measure again.
Repeat the same procedure for adjusting the other fork.
the fork spring [A], fork spring seat [8] and collar
Inspect the top plug Q-ring and replace it with a new one
if it is damaged.
Install the removed parts.
Front Fork Top Plugs: 23 N.m (2.3 kgf.m, 17
Front Fork Clamp Bolts:
20 N.m (2.0 kgf.m, 14
Clamp Bolts:
25 N.m (2.5 kgf.m, 18
o Tighten the two clamp bolts alternately two times to en-
sure even tightening torque.
o Tighten the top plug before tightening the upper fork
clamp bolt.
GM040404S 1 C


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