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Brake Fluid
BRAKES 10-19
Remove the reservoir cap, diaphragm
plate, and di-
aphragm, and fill the reservoir with fresh brake fluid to
the upper level line in the reservoir.
Slowly pump the brake lever several times to completely
eliminate the air in the master cylinder, until no air bubbles
can be seen rising up through the fluid from the small
holes [A] at the bottom of the reservoir.
aThis operation is for completely eliminating any air in the
master cylinder.
Temporarily install the reservoir cap.
Remove the rubber cap from the bleed valve on the
Attach a clear plastic hose to the caliper bleed valve, and
run the other end of the hose into a suitable container.
Repeat the operation described below until no more air
bubbles can be seen coming out into the plastic hose.
1. Pump the brake lever until it becomes hard, and apply
the brake lever and hold it [A].
2. Quickly open and close [8] the bleed valve while keep-
ing the brake lever applied.
3. Release the brake lever [C].
The fluid level must be checked often during the bleed-
ing operation and replenished with specified brake fluid
as necessary.
If the fluid in the reservoir runs com-
pletely out any time during bleeding, the bleeding oper-
ation must be done over again from the beginning since
air will have entered the line.
a Tap the brake hose lightly from the caliper to the reser-
voir for more complete bleeding.
a Perform the same operation on the other caliper of the
front brake, and on the other bleed valve of the rear
the front reservoir
Front Reservoir Cap Screws: 1.5 N.m (0.15 kgf.m,
Follow procedure below to rear brake fluid reservoir cap
aFirst, tighten the rear brake fluid reservoir cap [8] clock-
wise [C] by hand until slight resistance is felt indicating
that the cap is seated on the reservoir body, then tighten
the cap an additional 1/6 turn [D] while holding the brake
fluid reservoir body [A].
Remove the clear plastic hose.
Tighten the bleed valve, and install the rubber cap.
Caliper Bleed Valve: 7.8 N.m (0.8 kgf.m, 69
Check the fluid level.
After changing the fluid, check the brake for fluid level,
good braking power, and no fluid leakage.


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