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Brake Bleeding - Kawasaki ZR-7S Service Manual

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10-18 BRAKES
Brake Fluid
Repeat the operation
described below until fresh brake
fluid comes out from the plastic hose or the color of the
fluid changes.
1. Open the bleed valve [A].
2. Pump the brake lever several times and hold it [8].
3. Close the bleed valve [C] while holding the brake lever.
4. Release the brake lever [D].
a The fluid level must be checked often during the chang-
ing operation and replenished with specified brake fluid
to the upper level line. If the fluid in the reservoir runs
out any time during the changing operation, the brakes
willneed to be bled since air willhave entered the brake
a Perform the same operation on the other caliper of the
Remove the clear plastic hose.
the front reservoir cap.
Front Reservoir Cap Screws: 1.5 N.m (0.15 kgf.m,
Follow procedure below to rear brake fluid reservoir cap
aFirst, tighten the rear brake fluid reservoir cap [8] clock-
wise [C] by hand until slight resistance is felt indicating
that the cap is seated on the reservoir body, then tighten
the cap an additional 1/6 turn [D] while holding the brake
fluid reservoir body [A].
After changing the fluid, check the brake for fluid level,
good braking power, and no fluid leakage.
Caliper Bleed Valve: 7.8 N.m (0.8 kgf.m, 69
*If necessary, bleed the air from the lines.
Brake Bleeding
The brake fluid has a very low compression coefficient so
that almost all the movement of the brake lever or pedal
is transmitted directly to the caliper for braking action. Air,
however, is easily compressed.
When air enters the brake
lines, brake lever or pedal movement will be partially used
in compressing the air. This will make the lever or pedal feel
spongy, and there will be a loss in braking power.
Be sure to bleed the air from the brake line when-
ever brake lever or pedal action feels soft or
spongy after the brake fluid is changed, or when-
ever a brake line fitting has been loosened for any
The procedure described below for bleeding the front
brake is also applicable for the rear brake.


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