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Balance Adjustment; Balance Weight Removal; Balance Weight Installation - Kawasaki ZR-7S Service Manual

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Balance Adjustment
.If the wheel always stops in one position, tentatively at-
tach a balance weight [A] on the rim near the marking.
Rotate the wheel a 1/4 turn [8], and see whether or not
the wheel stops in this position. If it does, the tentatively
attached weight is of the proper size.
If the wheel does not stop in this position and the weight
goes up, replace the weight with the next heavier size.
Repeat these steps until the wheel remains at rest after
being rotated a 1/4 turn.
Rotate the wheel another 1/2 turn and then another 3/4
turn to see if the wheel is correctly balanced.
Repeat the entire procedure described above as many
times as necessary to achieve correct wheel balance.
Once proper balance has been achieved, permanently
secure the balance weight.
Balance Weight Removal
Without tire
Push [A] the blade portion toward the outside with a reg-
ular tip screwdriver, and slip the balance weight off, as
ODiscard the used balance weight.
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With tire
Remove the balance weight by using a screwdriver to pry
[A] on the blade.
Take out the balance weight by inserting the screwdriver
between the bead [8] and the blade [C], as shown.
ODiscard the used balance weight.
Balance Weight Installation
Check if weight portion has any play on the blade and clip.
If there is any play, discard
If the balance weight has any play on the rim
flange, the blade and/or of the weight clip have
been stretched. Replace the loose balance weight.
Do not reuse used balance weight Unbalanced
wheels can create an unsafe riding condition.


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