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Operating Controls; For Your Safety - Bosch ART EASYTRIM Accu Original Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
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Operating Controls

1 On/Off switch
2 Handle
3 Guide handle
4 Shaft, upper
5 Shaft, lower
6 Trimmer head
7 Ventilation slots
8 Cutting guard
9 Rechargeable battery
10 Battery charger
11 Charging compartment
12 LED indicator
13 Mains plug**
14 Serial Number
**Country specific
Not all of the accessories illustrated or described are
included as standard delivery.

For Your Safety

Warning! Switch off, remove battery from ma-
chine before adjusting or cleaning.
The blade continues to rotate for a few sec-
onds after the trimmer is switched off.
Caution – do not touch rotating blade.
Charging Procedure
The charging procedure starts as soon as the mains
plug is plugged into the socket and the battery 9 is
inserted into the charging compartment 11.
The green LED 12 is not a charge control indica-
tor! When the green LED is lit, it indicates that a
charging current flows.
After the end of the charging process (approx.
3 h–4 h), pull the mains plug of the battery charger
from the socket and remove the battery.
The battery should not be charged for longer
than 5.5 hours.
A temperature increase of the battery indicates that
it is fully charged.
14 • F 016 L70 456 • TMS • 11.11.08
Charging Advice
With continuous or several repetitive charging cy-
cles without interruption, the charger can warm up.
This is not harmful and does not indicate a technical
defect of the unit.
A battery 9 that is new or has not been used for a
longer period does not develop its full capacity until
after approximately 5 charging/discharging cycles.
Leave such batteries 9 in the charging compart-
ment 11 until they have clearly warmed up.
A significantly reduced working period after charging
indicates that the batteries are worn out and must be
Do not connect the battery before product
is completely assembled.
Ensure product is assemble in the following or-
Assemble trimmer shaft
Push the upper shaft 4 and lower shaft 5 together
until a click can be heard.
Note: Once the upper and lower shaft is assembled
it can not be disassembled.
Ensure internal cable is not trapped or twisted.
Mounting the Cutting Guard
Place the cutting guard 8 on the trimmer head 6.
Hook the guard onto trimmer head and push until
secure fitting.
Push rear of guard until secure (click).
Fitting Cutting Disc/Fitting Blade
Press cutting disc 15 onto drive adaptor as shown
Fit the blade, place the blade 16 over the pivot 17
and pull outwards until it snaps into place.
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Table of Contents