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Kenwood KN600 series Instructions Manual page 3

Electric knife
Hide thumbs


to use the electric knife
Your knife is suitable for slicing a
variety of foods including cooked
meat, cooked poultry, bread, cakes,
sandwiches, fruit and vegetables.
Frozen Food KN650 only - Your
knife includes freezer blades (larger
teeth) for use with partially thawed or
lightly frozen food. They are not
suitable for deep frozen food.
1 Make sure the electric knife is
unplugged from the power supply.
2 Remove blade cover
for storing the blades.
3 Hold the blades by their handles
and interlock together
cutting edge facing downwards, use
the finger grips
blades into the knife body
push into place
4 Plug in.
5 With the food on a suitable cutting
surface, place the blades onto the
food. Operate the cutting blades by
pressing the operating button
(releasing the button stops the
cutting blades.)
Use the knife by holding it in place
and applying light and even
downwards pressure. Do not use a
sawing action. The knife will cut
automatically as required either
vertically or at an angle.
When using the electric knife,
the blades should always be
directed away from the user.
6 After use, release the operating
button then unplug from the power
7 Hold onto the finger grips, press the
eject button
blades from body.
When slicing poultry, cut almost to
the bone but go no further, then
separate the meat from the bone
The high quality hardened blades do
not require sharpening.
and retain
. With the
to insert the
and withdraw the
Always switch off and unplug before
removing the blades or cleaning.
Never let the power unit, cord or
plug get wet.
power unit
Wipe with a damp cloth, then dry.
slicing blades, freezer blades
Handle the blades with care - they
are extremely sharp.
Separate the blades. Wash by hand
or in your dishwasher, then dry
After use replace the plastic blade
cover over the blades.
service and customer
If the cord is damaged it must, for
safety reasons, be replaced by
KENWOOD or an authorised
KENWOOD repairer.
If you need help with:
using your appliance or
servicing or repairs
Contact the shop where you bought
your appliance.
Designed and engineered by
Kenwood in the UK.
Made in China.



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