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Status Lights; Cycles - Kenmore 110.8674 Series Use & Care Manual

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Avoid drying heavy work clothes together with lighter fabrics.
This could cause overdrying of lighter fabrics and lead to
increased shrinkage or wrinkling.
Cycle tips
Dry most loads using the preset cycle settings.
Refer to the Auto, Timed or SteamCare Cycles Preset
Settings chart (in the "Cycles" section) for a guide to drying
various loads.
Drying temperature and Dryness Level are preset when
you choose an Auto Cycle. You can select a different
dryness level, depending on your load, by pressing
Dryness Level and choosing More Dry, Normal or Less
NOTE: You cannot use the Timed Cycle Adjust and you
cannot modify temperature with the Auto Cycles.
If you wish to adjust the cycle length of a Timed Cycle,
press More Time or Less Time. Adjust the temperature of
a Timed Cycle by pressing TEMPERATURE until the
desired temperature is selected.
NOTE: You cannot use the Dryness Level with Timed or
SteamCare Cycles.

Status Lights

You may follow the progress of your dryer with the drying Status
indicator lights.
Timed Cycle
The Timed Cycle light glows green during a Timed Cycle.
The Wet light glows green at the beginning of Auto Dry if a wet
item is detected or in a timed cycle after 5 minutes.
In an Auto Cycle, if a wet item is not detected after 5 minutes,
the dryer will run for a preset minimum run time (based on the
selected cycle and dryness level setting) and then go into
Cool Down. The Cool Down and WRINKLE GUARD
indicators will glow green, if selected.
In a Timed Cycle, the Wet light will glow green after 5 minutes
and remain on until the dryer enters Cool Down.
In a Steam Cycle, the Wet status light will glow green when
the water is being dispensed onto the load.
The Damp light glows green in an Auto Cycle when the laundry is
approximately 80% dry. This is useful when you want to remove
lightweight items in a mixed load to avoid overdrying or remove
partially dry items that may need ironing. To be alerted when the
load is about 80% dry, you may use the damp dry signal option.
See Damp Dry Signal in "Options." The Damp light glows green
in a Steam Cycle after water is dispensed onto the load.
Cool Down
The Cool Down light glows green during the cool down part of
the cycle. Laundry cools for ease in handling.
Clothes Dry
The Clothes Dry light glows green when the drying cycle is
finished. This indicator stays on during WRINKLE GUARD
selected. This indicator stays on with Clothes Dry.
Sensing/Revising Est. Time
The Sensing/Revising Est. Time light glows green when moisture
sensing strips in the dryer drum are measuring the amount of
moisture in the clothes. The estimated time display may adjust to
show a more accurate drying time.
Indicator lights
Other indicator lights show Cycle, Options, Modifiers, End of
Cycle and Control Lock settings selected. The display shows the
estimated or actual time remaining.
Select the drying cycle that matches the type of load you are
drying. See Auto Dry chart or Timed Preset Cycle Settings chart.
Auto Cycles
Auto Cycles allow you to match the cycle to the load you are
drying. See the following Auto Dry Preset Cycle Settings chart.
Each cycle dries certain fabrics at the recommended
temperature. A sensor detects the moisture in the load and
automatically adjusts the drying time for optimal drying.
Use this cycle to get medium heat for drying sturdy fabrics such
as work clothes and sheets.
Use this cycle to get medium high heat for drying denims.
Heavy Duty
Use this cycle to get high heat for heavyweight mixed loads,
cotton towels or bedspreads.
Use this cycle to get low heat for drying no-iron fabrics, such as
sport shirts, casual business clothes and permanent press
Use this cycle to get extra-low heat to gently dry items such as
lingerie, blouses or washable knit fabrics.
light glows green when this option is



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Table of Contents

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