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Preparing For Gigaset 4000 Base Stations; Repeating Registration - Siemens Gigaset repeater Operating Instructions Manual

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Preparing for Gigaset 4000 base stations

The Gigaset Repeater can be registered independently of the length of an audible reg-
istration tone or a display at the base station.
If registration is not successful, the LED on the Gigaset Repeater will flash continu-
ously. In this case, repeat the procedure.

Repeating registration

Please refer to the operating instructions of your Gigaset
4000 base station under the catchword „Repeater" .
Carry out the following steps:
Switch off the Gigaset Repeater (disconnect the power
Place the base station in Repeater registration mode in
the same way as you would to manually register a hand-
set. Please refer to the operating instructions for your
base station.
Ensure that other base stations close to the
Gigaset Repeater are not in registration mode
during this process.
Switch on the Gigaset Repeater (connect the power
The left LED on the Gigaset Repeater flashes continually.
After a short while the LED stays on permanently indicat-
ing that registration is complete and that the unit is ready
for operation.
You can reregister the Gigaset Repeater at any time, for
example if initial registration was unsuccessful, or if the
Gigaset Repeater is to be registered at another base
station for the first time.
Before registering the Gigaset Repeater once again (e.g.
at a different base station), please reset the Gigaset
Repeater beforehand as described below:
Switch off the unit (disconnect the power
Switch on for 1 to 5 seconds and
switch it off again
Switch on for 25 to 35 seconds and
switch it off again.
The Gigaset Repeater is now ready to be registered again
as described above. This is signalled by the LED which
flashes continually once the power plug is reconnected.


Table of Contents

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