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Led Display - LG WD-14120(5)RD Service Manual

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Time Save
• This option can be
used to reduce the
time of a wash
• This function in not
available with
Quick 30 program.
For manual wash, rinse and spin
• Use these buttons to change washing
method, rinse times, spinning speed.
• When lamp is off, no selection has been
• Prewashing is available for Cotton,
Cotton-Eco, Synthetic program.
• Display the remaining time (Hour : Minute) to finish.
• In case of abnormal operation, error indications are displayed.
• See trouble shooting guide.
• When drying cycle is completed,
the Multi display.
• The COOL DOWN is setting automatically when a drying cycle is complete.
• When you are not remove a load of clothes from
the dryer as soon as it stops, wrinkles can form.
• The COOL DOWN operating periodically tumbles, rearranges and fluffs
the load to avoid wrinkles without heat for up to 4 hours.
• The
message will continue to display until the clothes are removed
or the START/PAUSE button is pressed.
• It shows whether the door can be opened or not during
the washing.
• If the lamp is off, the door can be opened .
ON/OFF button
• Press the button to turn
power on and off.

LED display

, ,
[COOL DOWN] is displayed on
Door lock display
Dry selector
• Dry programs can be selected
by pressing the [Dry] button.
• By pressing the button,
(30•90•150)] can be selected.
Water temperature selector
• Press the button to select water temperature.
• The water temperature is selected
during cotton program.
• 95°C is selected only for cotton program.
• By pressing the button during operating the
washer, the present temperature is displayed.


Table of Contents

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