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Proper Use; Safety Devices; Environmental Protection; Before Startup - Kärcher ProHD 100 Original Instructions Manual

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animals, live electrical equipment or at the
appliance itself.
According to applicable regula-
tions, the appliance must never be
used on the drinking water net
without a system separator. A suit-
able system separator by KÄRCHER or al-
ternatively a system separator according to
EN 12729 type BA must be used.
Water that was flowing through a system
separator is considered non-drinkable.

Proper use

Use this high pressure cleaner exclusively
– for cleaning with high-pressure jet (e.g.
cleaning of facades, terraces, garden-
ing tools).
With optional accessories detergent can be
For stubborn soiling we recommend the
use of a rotor nozzle (only included in the
scope of delivery with model HD...Plus)
Quality requirements for water:
Only clean water may be used as high
pressure medium. Impurities will lead to in-
creased wear and tear or formation of de-
posits in the appliance.
If recycled water is used, the following limit
values must not be exceeded.
pH value
electrical conductivity *
settleable solids **
total suspended solids *** < 50 mg/l
Total hardness
fresh water
+1200 μS/cm
< 0,5 mg/l
< 20 mg/l
< 300 mg/l
< 240 mg/l
< 200 mg/l
< 28 °dH
< 50 °TH
< 500 ppm
(mg CaCO
< 0,5 mg/l
< 0,05 mg/l
– 2
Active chloride
free of bad odours
* Maximum total 2000 μS/cm
** Test volume 1 l, settling time 30 min
*** no abrasive substances

Safety Devices

Safety devices serve for the protection of
the user and must not be put out of opera-
tion or bypassed with respect to their func-
Pressure switch
If the lever on the trigger gun is released
the pressure switch turns off the pump, the
high pressure jet is stopped. If the lever is
pulled the pump is turned on again.

Environmental protection

The packaging material can be
recycled. Please do not throw the
packaging material into house-
hold waste; please send it for re-
Old appliances contain valuable
materials that can be recycled;
these should be sent for recy-
cling. Batteries, oil, and similar
substances must not enter the
environment. Please dispose of
your old appliances using appro-
priate collection systems.
Notes about the ingredients (REACH)
You will find current information about the
ingredients at:

Before Startup

Attaching the Accessories
 Install nozzle with nozzle screw at the
spray lance.
 Connect spray lance to trigger gun.
 Fasten the high pressure hose to the
high pressure connection.
< 2 mg/l
< 0,3 mg/l



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