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Setting The Unit; Power Indicator; Top Cover; Subsonic Select Switch - Pioneer PRS-D1200M Owner's Manual

Class d mono amplifier
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Table of Contents

Setting the Unit

• To adjust the switch, use standard tip screwdriver if needed.

Power Indicator

The power indicator
lights when the power
is switched on.

Subsonic Select Switch

The subsonic filter cuts inaudible
frequencies below 20 Hz to elimi-
nate unwanted vibrations and min-
imize power loss.

Bass Boost Control

You can select a bass boost level from
0, 6, 9 and 12 dB.
For instruction of connecting the bass
boost remote control to the amplifier,
see the "Connection Diagram" section.

Top Cover

Before setting up the unit, unfasten
the screws with a 4 mm hexagonal
wrench and remove the top cover.
BFC (Beat Frequency Control)
BFC switch is on the bottom of the
unit. If you hear a beat while listening
to an MW/LW broadcast with your car
stereo, change the BFC switch using a
small standard tip screwdriver.


Table of Contents

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