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Loading And Changing Compact Discs; Cd/Mp3/Wma-Cd Playback - Samsung MX-E850 User Manual

Three-cd changer mini-compact system mp3-cd/wma-cd/cd-r/rw playback
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Loading and Changing Compact Discs

You can play 12 cm compact disc without an adapter.
Never force the compact disc carrousel when opening
and closing the disc tray.
Never press down or place objects on the carrousel.
1. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button on the main unit.
Result: The disc tray opens.
2. Place one disc in the front slots of the carrousel,
with the label on the discs facing upwards.
Check that the compact disc has been cor-
rectly inserted in the holder before closing the
disc disc tray.
3. If you wish to load another compact disc, press the
DISC CHANGE button on the main unit.
Result: The carrousel rotates by 120°.
4. Close the disc tray by pressing the OPEN/CLOSE
button again.
Result: Playback starts automatically.
To change or unload the compact discs, repeat
step 2 to 4.
• K eep the disc tray closed whenever you are not
using it, to prevent dust from entering.
• D o not use force when closing the disc tray, as it
may cause damage to the the disc tray.
• You can load or unload compact discs when the
radio, USB or auxiliary source function is selected,
and when you press the Open/Close button, all of
the other functions will be changed to the MP3/CD
• If no buttons are pressed on the product or remote
control for more than 3 minutes when the product is
in Pause mode, it will be changed to Stop mode.
• If no buttons are pressed on the product or remote
control for more than 25 minutes when the product
is in Stop mode, the power will automatically turn

CD/MP3/WMA-CD Playback

This product is designed to play an audio CD, CD,
• G ently open or close the CD tray and do not apply
excessive force.
• D o not put force or place a heavy object on the product.
• D o not insert an out-of-spec. shape of CD such as a
heart or octangle shaped CD. Otherwise, the product
may be damaged.
• C are must be taken about maintenance of the compact
• At least more than one CD should be inserted for
1. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button to open the disc tray.
2. Place a disc gently into the tray with the disc's label
facing up.
3. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button to close the disc tray,
the disc will be played automatically.
• If there are more than one CD or an MP3/WMA-CD
inserted, replays are then processed in order.
• For MP3/WMA-CD audio, it may take several minutes
to complete scanning the disc tracks.
• I f you play a file with an English name or a MP3/WMA-
CD medium in an English title, the song title will be
shown in the display. (Other languages besides English
may not be indicated.)
• A n English-titled track containing a special character
will not show the title in the display.
<CD/MP3/WMA-CD PlaybackDisplay>
Track Indicator
4. Adjust the volume according to needs with the
following procedures.
• Tuning the VOLUME knob.
• P ress the Vol + or – button of the remote control.
The volume level can be adjust in 31 steps(VOLUME
5. Main Unit
To pause playback temporarily, press the p button.
Press p again to continue playing the disc.
Remote control
To pause playback temporarily, press the PAUSE(#)
Press PLAY(+) button to continue playing the disc.
6. To end playing, press the STOP (@) button.
• I f there is not one CD inserted in the disc tray, it is indicated
as "NO DISC".
• T he quality of MP3/WMA-CD playback may vary depending
on the condition of the disc containing the music files or the
condition of the recorder with which the disc was created.
• I f different types of files or unnecessary folders are on the
same disc, you will have problems with playback.
Playtime Indicator

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