Getting Started; Setting Up The Nokia Image Frame - Nokia SU-7 User Manual

Nokia digital photo frame user manual
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2. Getting started

I Setting up the Nokia Image Frame
Warning! To avoid damage to the SIM card, do not install, move
or remove the SIM card if the power supply is connected to an
AC wall outlet.
1. If you want to be able to receive images over MMS, you have to
insert a SIM card into the Nokia Image Frame.
1. With the display of the Nokia Image Frame facing you, detach the
cover on the back of the Nokia Image Frame by pushing it down
2. Insert the SIM card to the SIM card holder so that the contact
surface of the SIM card is up and the bevelled corner of the card is
on the right and facing away from you.
3. Put the cover back on the Nokia Image Frame.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents