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Nokia digital photo frame user manual
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O v e r v i e w
This indicator blinks when the Nokia Image Frame attempts to
establish the IrDA connection. When the connection is
established and the Nokia Image Frame is sending or receiving
an image, the indicator is displayed continuously.
Confirms that the images have been successfully received or
sent (the receiving device has confirmed the images as
The image is not supported by the Nokia Image Frame. It is, for
example, too large or not in the compatible format.
An error occurred during the image transfer.
This indicator blinks when the Nokia Image Frame is
downloading an incoming MMS message. When the message
has been stored to the Nokia Image Frame, the indicator is
displayed continuously until you check the message and either
accept it or delete it.
The network connection has been established. When the
connection has not been established, there is a / mark across
the icon.
GPRS service is available. When the service is not available,
there is a / mark across the icon.
This indicator shows how many images have been
marked for viewing and how many images in total have
been stored. The maximum number of stored images is
The progress bar is shown while the Nokia Image Frame
processes the received images.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents