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Nokia TransACT N91 8GB Owner's Manual: Receive Data Using Bluetooth Connectivity; Switch Off Bluetooth Connectivity; Data Cable

Nokia cell phone owner's manual.
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other device as well. After pairing, the device is saved to
the paired devices view.
Paired devices are indicated by
To set a device as authorized or unauthorized, scroll to a
device, and select from the following options:
Set as
authorised—Connections between your device and
this device can be made without your knowledge. No
separate acceptance or authorization is needed. Use this
status for your own devices, such as your compatible
headset or PC, or devices that belong to someone you trust.
indicates authorized devices in the paired devices view.
Set as
unauthorised—Connection requests from this
device must be accepted separately every time.
To cancel a pairing, scroll to the device, and select
> Delete. If you want to cancel all pairings, select
Tip! If you are currently connected to a device and
delete the pairing with that device, pairing is removed
immediately, and the connection is switched off.
Receive data using Bluetooth
When you receive data through Bluetooth connectivity, a
tone sounds, and you are asked if you want to accept the
message. If you accept,
placed in the
through Bluetooth connectivity are indicated by
in the device search.
'Inbox—receive messages', p. 44.

Switch off Bluetooth connectivity

To switch off Bluetooth connectivity, select
You can connect to a compatible PC with a USB data
cable. With data cable connectivity, you can use Nokia PC
Suite and transfer music or other data, such as image files,
between your device and the PC. See 'Transfer music', p. 20
for more information on transferring music.
mode. Select
use Nokia PC Suite, or
data. To have the device ask the purpose of the connection
each time the cable is connected, select
is shown, and the item is
folder in Messag.. Messages received

Data cable

, and select
Data cbl.
Media player
to transfer music,
Data transfer
Copyright © 2006 Nokia. All rights reserved.
. See
Data cable
PC Suite
to transfer other
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