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Nokia N81 User Manual: Video Calls

Nokia cell phone user guide.
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speaker's voice, so the user does not record voice tags in
advance. Instead, the device creates a voice tag for the
entries in contacts, and compares the spoken voice tag to
it. The voice recognition in the device adapts to the main
user's voice to recognize the voice commands better.
The voice tag for a contact is the name or nickname that is
saved on the contact card. To listen to the synthesized
voice tag, open a contact card, and select
Make a call with a voice tag
Note: Using voice tags may be difficult in a noisy
environment or during an emergency, so you should not
rely solely upon voice dialing in all circumstances.
When you use voice dialing, the loudspeaker is in use. Hold
the device at a short distance away when you say the voice
To start voice dialing, in the standby mode, press and
hold the right selection key. If a compatible headset
with the headset key is attached, press and hold the
headset key to start voice dialing.
A short tone is played, and
clearly the name or nickname that is saved on the
contact card.
The device plays a synthesized voice tag for the
recognized contact in the selected device language,
Speak now
is displayed. Say
and displays the name and number. After a timeout of
2.5 seconds, the device dials the number.
If the recognized contact was not correct, select
to view a list of other matches or
If several numbers are saved under the name, the device
selects the default number if it has been set. Otherwise the
device selects the first available number of the following:
(home), and

Video calls

When you make a video call (network service), you can see
a real-time, two-way video between you and the recipient
of the call. The live video image, or video image captured
by the camera in your device is shown to the video call
To be able to make a video call, you must have a USIM card
and be in the coverage of a UMTS network. For availability
of and subscription to video call services, contact your
network service provider.
A video call can only be made between two parties. The
video call can be made to a compatible mobile device or an
ISDN client. Video calls cannot be made while another
voice, video, or data call is active.
to cancel voice
(business), Telephone,


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