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Nokia N81 User Manual: About Your Device

Nokia cell phone user guide.
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Service manual - 242 pages
User manual - 148 pages
Get started - 20 pages


connecting to any other device, read its user
guide for detailed safety instructions. Do not
connect incompatible products.
EMERGENCY CALLS Ensure the phone
function of the device is switched on and in
service. Press the end key as many times as
needed to clear the display and return to the
standby mode. Enter the emergency number,
then press the call key. Give your location. Do
not end the call until given permission to do so.

About your device

The wireless device described in this guide is approved for
use on the (E)GSM 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 and UMTS
2100 networks. Contact your service provider for more
information about networks.
When using the features in this device, obey all laws and
respect local customs, privacy and legitimate rights of
others, including copyrights.
Copyright protections may prevent some images, music
(including ringing tones), and other content from being
copied, modified, transferred, or forwarded.
Your device supports internet connections and other
methods of connectivity. Like computers, your device may
be exposed to viruses, malicious messages and
applications, and other harmful content. Exercise caution
and open messages, accept connectivity requests,
download content, and accept installations only from
trustworthy sources. To increase the security of your
device, consider installing, using, and regularly updating
antivirus software, firewall, and other related software on
your device and any connected computer.
Warning: To use any features in this device, other
than the alarm clock, the device must be switched on.
Do not switch the device on when wireless device use
may cause interference or danger.
The office applications support common features of
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (Microsoft Office
2000, XP, and 2003). Not all file formats can be viewed or
During extended operation, such as an active video sharing
session or high-speed data connection, the device may feel
warm. In most cases, this condition is normal. If you
suspect the device is not working properly, take it to the
nearest authorized service facility.
Your device may have preinstalled bookmarks and links for
third-party internet sites. You may also access other third-
party sites through your device. Third-party sites are not
affiliated with Nokia, and Nokia does not endorse or


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