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Nokia N81 User Manual Page 118

Nokia cell phone user guide.
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Send my caller
ID—You can set your phone number to be
displayed to (Yes) or hidden from (No) the person to whom
you are calling, or the value may be set by your service
provider when you make a subscription
(network service).
Send my internet call
ID to be displayed to (Yes) or hidden from (No) the person
to whom you are calling.
waiting—If you have activated call waiting (network
service), the network notifies you of a new incoming call
while you have a call in progress. Set the function on
(Activate) or off (Cancel), or check whether the function
is activated
Internet call
new incoming internet call while you have a call in
Internet call
internet calls. If you select Off, you are not alerted, but a
notification about missed calls appears.
Default call
type—To set internet calls as default calls
when starting the call with the call key, select
call. If internet telephone service is not available, a regular
voice call is started instead.
(Set by
ID—You can set your internet call
to be notified of a
to be alerted for incoming
Reject call with
to a caller informing why you could not answer the call.
See 'Answer or decline a call', p. 95.
text—Write a text to be sent in a text message
when you reject a call.
Image in video
you can select a still image to be displayed instead.
redial—Select On, and your device makes a
maximum of 10 attempts to connect the call after an
unsuccessful call attempt. To stop automatic redialing,
press the end key.
Show call
duration—Activate this setting if you want the
length of a call to be displayed during the call.
Summary after
duration of the call briefly displayed after the call.
dialling—Select On, and the numbers assigned to
the speed dialing keys (
pressing and holding the key. See also 'Speed dial a phone
number', p. 90.
answer—Select On, and you can answer an
incoming call by briefly pressing any keypad key, except
the left selection key, right selection key, power key, and
end key.
Line in
use—This setting (network service) is shown only if
the SIM card supports two subscriber numbers, that is, two
to send a text message
call—If video is not sent during a video call,
call—Activate this setting if you want the
) can be dialed by


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