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Nokia N81 User Manual Page 115

Nokia cell phone user guide.
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Tip! To lock or unlock the keypad manually, pull the
lock switch.
Phone autolock
period—To avoid unauthorized use, you
can set a time-out after which the device automatically
locks. A locked device cannot be used until the correct lock
code is entered. To turn off the autolock period, select
See 'Glossary of PIN and lock codes', p. 115.
When the device is locked, calls may be possible to the
official emergency number programmed into your device.
Tip! To lock the device manually, press
commands opens. Select
Lock if SIM card
changed—You can set the device to ask
for the lock code when an unknown SIM card is inserted
into your device. The device maintains a list of SIM cards
that are recognized as the owner's cards.
Closed user
group—You can specify a group of people to
whom you can call and who can call you (network service).
When calls are limited to closed user groups, calls may be
possible to the official emergency number programmed
into your device.
Confirm SIM
services—You can set the device to display
confirmation messages when you are using a SIM card
service (network service).
. A list of
Glossary of PIN and lock codes
If you forget any of these codes, contact your service
Personal identification number (PIN) code—This code
protects your SIM card against unauthorized use. The PIN
code (4 to 8 digits) is usually supplied with the SIM card.
After three consecutive incorrect PIN code entries, the
code is blocked, and you need the PUK code to unblock it.
UPIN code—This code may be supplied with the USIM card.
The USIM card is an enhanced version of the SIM card and
is supported by UMTS mobile phones.
PIN2 code—This code (4 to 8 digits) is supplied with some
SIM cards, and is required to access some functions in your
Lock code (also known as security code)—This code
(5 digits) can be used to lock the device to avoid
unauthorized use. The factory setting for the lock code is
12345. To avoid unauthorized use of your device, change
the lock code. Keep the new code secret and in a safe place
separate from your device. If you forget the code, contact
your service provider.
Personal unblocking key (PUK) code and PUK2 code—These
codes (8 digits) are required to change a blocked PIN code
or PIN2 code, respectively. If the codes are not supplied
with the SIM card, contact the service provider whose SIM
card is in your device.


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