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When the entire progress indicator lights up continuously, the baby
food has reached the desired temperature.
Note: Due to the large variety of baby food consistencies, it is strongly
recommended that you continuously stir the baby food and check its
temperature while it is heating up for an optimal result.
When the baby food is warm, you can either take the baby food
container or jar out of the baby bottle warmer to feed your baby right
away (see section 'Feeding your baby immediately') or you can keep it
warm in the baby bottle warmer (see section 'Keeping baby food warm').
Increasing the baby food temperature
Always taste the baby food after warming it up to make sure it is not
too hot. If you want the baby food to be warmer, put the container
back into the baby bottle warmer and leave it in there at the keep
warm-mode for some time. Keep stirring the baby food (Fig. 15).
If you just switched off the baby bottle warmer or if it just switched
off automatically, switch it back on without removing the warm
water from it, and follow the above step (Fig. 18).
The baby bottle warmer switches off automatically after 20 minutes
of keep-warm mode (Fig. 20).
Feeding your baby immediately
Press the on/off button to switch off the appliance and take out the
baby food container or jar (Fig. 18).
After warming, taste the baby food to ensure it is not too hot (Fig. 21).
Unplug the appliance and empty the baby bottle warmer (Fig. 13).
Keeping baby food warm
When the baby food has reached the desired temperature, the
baby bottle warmer automatically switches to the keep-warm
mode. In this mode, the baby food is kept at the desired
temperature for 20 minutes (Fig. 22).


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