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Troubleshooting - AMX NMX-ENC-N3121 Instruction Manual

Svsi n3000 series encoders/decoders wan h.264 video over ip digital media distribution & switching solution
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This chapter contains possible solutions to some common issues. Should you encounter any problems not covered by these
guidelines, please contact SVSI technical support via email ( or call 256.461.7143 x9900. You can also
visit our support webpage at
LocalPlay screen displays instead of the
stream from the Encoder.
HostPlay screen displays instead of the
video from the source.
Unsupported Input Resolution screen
Copy Protected Content screen displays.
Black screen/no screen displays.
Decoder displays decryption error.
Decoder audio or video is stuttering.
Encoded stream is not displaying on a
third-party player.
No audio is detected.
Device has been discovered in N-Able, but
the conf iguration pages do not open
when double-clicking device name on the
Video Matrix page.
When changing the audio type, there are
problems with audio in/out.
Not receiving audio.
N3000 Series User Manual
• Verify Decoder is assigned to view a valid stream (of an active Encoder).
• Verify Decoder is currently in Live play mode (its name will display in black text on
the Video Matrix page). You can change to Live mode on the Settings page (see
Settings Page: Decoder Setup Section
• Verify network is properly configured and set up. If needed, connect Encoder's
network port to Decoder to bypass the network.
• If Multicast Address Override is enabled, verify that the upper two octets of the
Multicast Address match between Encoder and Decoder (Settings >Stream
• Encoder and Decoder UDP port numbers do not match.
• Set the Encoder to SVSI Decoder mode (Settings >Stream Settings >Encoder
Output Mode) and set the Decoder to SVSI Encoder mode Settings > Stream
Settings> Stream Source). Other Encoder and Decoder modes are primarily
intended for third-party device support.
• If the Decoder Stream Source is set to URL, make sure the Stream URL is
Note: When Decoder is set to URL mode, it is not switchable via N-Able
• Verify Encoder is in Live play mode (its name will display in black text on the Video
Matrix page). You can change to Live mode on the Settings page (see
Page: Encoder Setup Section
• Verify source is attached and is outputting a valid signal (HDMI LED on Encoder is
• Change source resolution to a valid resolution (try 720p60).
• On the Settings page, turn the Decoder's Scaler on.
• Verify cabling is correct.
• Contact SVSI technical support.
• Set Decoder to LocalPlay. If the LocalPlay screen does not appear, check the
display input settings and cabling. As mentioned previously in this table, you can
change to the Local mode on the Decoder's Settings page.
• If LocalPlay appears, set Decoder to Live play mode and verify network is
configured properly.
• Use HTTPS to view the web pages for the Encoder and Decoder. On the Security
page, enable Set to Default Password or Change Password so that the Encoder
and Decoder passwords match.
• Increase the latency on the Decoder's Settings page (Advanced Settings > Add
Latency) in 20 ms increments until stutter is resolved. See xxx for more details.
• Content may be encrypted (Enable Stream Encryption on the Encoder's Security
page). Setting is viewable via HTTPS only.
• Content is HDCP protected.
• Stream may not be compatible with the third-party device.
• If there is no audio on all Decoders, verify audio settings are correct on Encoder.
• If there is no audio on a single Decoder, verify audio settings are correct on
• Make sure your computer is in the same IP address range as the unit. See Setting
Up Your Host Computer on page 13 for more information.
• Check the Audio Source (Encoder) and HDMI Audio (Decoder) settings on the
Settings page. For example, if you are trying to change the audio type to make the
input of the Encoder HDMI embedded audio in/analog audio out from the Decoder,
these settings cannot be set to Auto. Set the Encoder to Audio Source > ON
(embedded digital audio on an HDMI connection) and the Decoder to
Enable HDMI Audio > OFF (analog output on the Phoenix connection).
• Check that the Decoder has proper audio stream setting (typically by enabling
Audio follows Video).
table on page 49 for more details).
table on page 26 for more details).



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