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ENGLISH (Original instructions)
1-1. Adjusting knob
1-2. Lock lever
1-3. Stopper pole setting nut
1-4. Fast-feed button
1-5. Adjusting bolt
1-6. Stopper block
1-7. Depth pointer
1-8. Stopper pole
2-1. Nylon nut
3-1. Stopper pole
3-2. Adjusting bolt
3-3. Stopper block
4-1. Lock button
4-2. Switch trigger
5-1. Speed adjusting dial
6-1. Lamp
7-1. Shaft lock
7-2. Wrench
9-1. Feed direction
9-2. Bit revolving direction
9-3. Workpiece
9-4. Straight guide
10-1. Straight guide
10-2. Fine adjusting screw
Collet chuck capacity
Plunge capacity
No load speed (min
• Due to our continuing programme of research and development, the specifications herein are subject to change without notice.
• Note: Specifications may differ from country to country.
• Weight according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2003
Intended use
The tool is intended for flush trimming and profiling of
wood, plastic and similar materials.
Power supply
The tool should be connected only to a power supply of
the same voltage as indicated on the nameplate, and
can only be operated on single-phase AC supply. They
are double-insulated in accordance with European
Standard and can, therefore, also be used from sockets
without earth wire.
Explanation of general view
10-3. Clamping screw (B)
10-4. Clamping screw (A)
10-5. Guide holder
12-1. More than 15 mm
12-2. Straight guide
12-3. Wood
15-1. Adjusting screw
16-1. Screws
16-2. Movable
17-1. When set to minimum opening
18-1. When set to maximum opening
20-1. Template guide
20-2. Lock plate
21-1. Bit
21-2. Base
21-3. Templet
21-4. Workpiece
21-5. Distance (X)
21-6. Outside diameter of the templet
21-7. Templet guide
23-1. Guide holder
Overall length
Net weight
Safety class
RP1800 /
6.0 kg
For Model RP1800
For public low-voltage distribution systems of
between 220 V and 250 V.
Switching operations of electric apparatus cause voltage
fluctuations. The operation of this device under
unfavorable mains conditions can have adverse effects
to the operation of other equipment. With a mains
impedance equal or less than 0.40 Ohms it can be
presumed that there will be no negative effects. The
mains socket used for this device must be protected with
a fuse or protective circuit breaker having slow tripping
23-2. Adjusting screw
23-3. Clamping screw (B)
23-4. Clamping screw (C)
23-5. Trimmer guide
23-6. Clamping screw (A)
24-1. Bit
24-2. Guide roller
24-3. Workpiece
26-1. Flat washer 6
26-2. Screw M6x135
27-1. Flat washer 6
27-2. Screw M6x135
28-1. Hole
29-1. Screw M6x135
29-2. Threaded part in the motor bracket
30-1. Inside of the screw hole in the tool
31-1. Threaded part in the motor bracket
32-1. Screwdriver
33-1. Limit mark
34-1. Brush holder cap
34-2. Screwdriver
RP1801 /
12 mm or 1/2"
0 - 70 mm
9,000 - 22,000
312 mm
6.1 kg


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