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Cleaning And Maintaining Your Dishwasher; Cleaning The Exterior; Cleaning The Interior; Cleaning The Nozzles - Samsung DW80J755 Series User Manual

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cleaning and maintaining your
Keeping your dishwasher clean improves its performance, reduces unnecessary
repairs, and lengthens its life.


It's best to clean spills on the outside of your dishwasher as they occur. Use a soft, damp cloth on the
control panel to gently wipe away spills and dust. Do not use benzene, wax, thinner, chlorine bleach, or
alcohol. These materials may discolor the door panel and other outer surfaces and cause stains. Do not
clean the dishwasher by sprinkling water over it and avoid letting water come into contact with any of the
electrical parts.
If your dishwasher has a stainless steel door panel, you can clean it with a stainless steel cleaner for
Home Appliances or similar product using a clean, soft cloth.


Clean the interior of your dishwasher periodically to remove any dirt or food particles. Wipe the inside of
the dishwasher and the inner part of the door with a wet dishcloth. We recommend fi lling the detergent
dispenser with dishwasher soap, and then running the dishwasher empty periodically using the Self Clean
option. To keep the cutlery pad clean, turn it over. This will keep your dishwasher clean.
If white spots and odor are still present in your dishwasher, run the Self Clean option with the dishwasher
empty and without detergent until it fl ushes. Then, interrupt the cycle and put an 8 ounce cup of white
vinegar into the lower basket. Close the dishwasher and let the cycle fi nish.
Do not remove the tub front seal (the long rubber seal enclosing the opening of the dishwasher).


If your dishwasher does not seem to be cleaning adequately or the nozzles seem clogged, you can clean
each of the nozzles. When removing the nozzles, take care as they may break.
Upper nozzle
1. Pull the upper rack towards the front
2. Check whether the nozzle holes are
clogged by food particles.
3. If cleaning is needed, remove the nozzle.
4. To remove the nozzle, unfasten and remove
the nut, and then remove the nozzle.
5. Clean the nozzle, re-insert it, and fasten the
6. When fastening the nut, turn it fi rmly by
7. Check whether the nozzle is engaged
correctly by rotating it by hand.
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Table of Contents

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