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Symbol Set; Font Size; Font Pitch; Hex Dump - Dell H625cdw User Manual

Cloud mfp laser printer.
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Admin Settings > PCL >
Specifies the default font from the fonts registered in the printer.
Admin Settings > PCL >

Symbol Set

Specifies a symbol set for a specified font.
Admin Settings > PCL >

Font Size

Specifies the font size for scalable typographic fonts. Font size refers to the height of the
characters in the font. One point equals approximately 1/72 of an inch (approximately
0.35 mm).
• The Font Size menu is only displayed for typographic fonts.
Admin Settings > PCL >

Font Pitch

Specifies the font pitch for scalable mono spaced fonts. Font pitch refers to the number
of fixed-space characters in a horizontal inch of type. For non-scalable mono spaced
fonts, the pitch is displayed, but cannot be changed.
• The Font Pitch menu is only displayed for fixed or mono spaced fonts.
Admin Settings > PCL >
Form Line
Sets the number of lines in a page. The printer sets the amount of space between two
vertical lines based on the Form Line and Orientation menu items. You can select
the correct Form Line and Orientation before changing Form Line.
Admin Settings > PCL >
Sets the default print quantity. Set the number of copies required for a specific job from
the print driver. Values selected from the print driver always override values selected
from the operator panel.
Admin Settings > PCL >
Image Enhance
Specifies whether to enable the Image Enhance feature, which makes the boundary line
between black and white smoother to decrease jagged edges and enhance the visual
Admin Settings > PCL >

Hex Dump

Specifies whether to enable the Hex Dump feature, which helps to isolate the source of a
print job problem. With Hex Dump selected, all data sent to the printer is printed in
hexadecimal and character representation. Control codes are not executed.
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