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Maintenance - Black & Decker A7073 Manual

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rotate the main shaft locking ring
(4) to the position with
"MANUAL" characters.
Operate the tool like the common
When the main shaft locking ring
is at
or "MANUAL" position,
neither the forward switch nor
the reverse switch can be
When the main shaft lock is
locked, do not start the tool,
otherwise, it will be damaged.
Ensure that the switch will not be
pressed by any object during the
storage, otherwise the tool will start
up and the battery will be exhausted.
If the tool will be idle for a long time,
remove the battery before the


Continuous satisfactory operation
depends upon proper tool care and
regular cleaning. Use a cloth
dampened only with water and mild
soap. Never let any liquid get inside
the tool; never immerse any part of
the tool into a liquid.
Important: To ensure product SAFETY
and RELIABILITY, repairs,
maintenance and adjustment should
be performed by authorized service
centers or other qualified
organizations, always-using identical
replacement parts. Unit contains no
user serviceable parts inside.
The performance of any power tool is
dependent upon the accessory used.
Black & Decker accessories are
engineered to high quality standards
and are designed to enhance the
performance of power tool. By using
these accessories you will get the
very best from your tool. Black &
Decker offers a large selection of
accessories available at our local
dealer or authorized service center at
extra cost.
CAUTION: The use of any other
accessory not recommended for use
with this tool could be hazardous.
Should you find one day that your
Black & Decker product needs
replacement, or if it is of no further
use to you, please remember to
protect the environment when you
dispose of the tool. Please contact the
local municipality for proper disposal
Note: You have the responsibility of
disposing of or recalling the battery
and tool.
Black & Decker offers a full network
of company-owned and authorized
service locations throughout Asia. All
Black & Decker Service Centers are
staffed with trained personnel to
provide customers with efficient and
reliable power tool service.
Whether you need technical advice,
repair, or genuine factory
replacement parts, contact the Black
& Decker location nearest to you.
Black & Decker's policy is one of
continuous improvement to our
products and, as such, we
reserve the right to change
product specifications without
prior notice.
Standard equipment and
accessories may vary by country.
Product specifications may differ
by country.
Complete product range may not
be available in all countries.
Contact your local Black & Decker
dealers for range availability.