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Black & Decker A7073 Manual page 5

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Do not overreach. Keep proper
footing and balance at all times.
This enables better control of the
power tool in unpredictable
Use personal protective
equipment. Always wear eye
protection. The glasses for daily
use only have the anti-fall lens.
They are not the protection
glasses. Protective equipment
such as dust mask, non-skid
safety shoes, hard hat, or hearing
protection must be used for
appropriate conditions.
Fix the tools with clamping fixture
or other effective method on a
solid platform. It is unreliable to
control the tools with hands or
Do not force the power tool. Use
the correct power tool for your
application. The correct power
tool will do the job better and
safer at the rate for which it was
Do not use the power tool if the
switch does not turn it on and off.
Any power tool that cannot be
controlled with the switch is
dangerous and must be repaired.
Disconnect the plug from the
power source and/or the battery
pack from the power tool before
making any adjustments,
changing accessories, or storing
power tools. Such preventive
safety measures reduce the risk
of starting the power tool
Store idle power tools out of the
reach of children and do not
allow persons unfamiliar with the
power tool or these instructions
to operate the power tool. Power
tools are dangerous in the hands
of untrained users.
Keep the battery components far
away from the metal objects
(e.g., clips, coins, keys, nails,
screws or other metal items)
when they are not in use,
because such objects may cause
the conduction of the two
terminals of the battery. Sparks,
combustion or fire may be caused
if the two terminals of the battery
are conducted.
Keep cutting tools sharp and
clean. Properly maintained
cutting tools with sharp cutting
edges are less likely to bind and
are easier to control.
Maintain power tools. Check for
misalignment or binding of
moving parts, breakage of parts
and any other condition that may
affect the power tool's operation.
If damaged, have the power tool
repaired before use. Many
accidents are caused by poorly
maintained power tools.
Use the accessories
recommended by Black & Decker
only. Danger may be resulted in if
the accessory for certain tool is
used on other tools.
Have your power tool serviced by
a qualified repair person. Danger
may be caused if repair or
maintenance is carried out by
unqualified personnel.
Use only identical replacement
parts when repairing the tools.
Comply with the instructions in
"maintenance" section of this
manual. Using unauthorized parts
or failing to comply with the
maintenance instruction may
result in the equipment damage
or personal injury.
Hold power tool by insulated
gripping surfaces when performing an
operation where the cutting
accessory may contact hidden wiring.
Cutting accessory contacting a "live"
wire may make exposed metal parts
of the power tool "live" and could
give the operator an electric shock.