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Makita BHR200 Instruction Manual Page 4

Cordless rotary hammer.
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20. Maintain power tools. Check for misalignment or
binding of moving parts, breakage of parts and
any other condition that may affect the power
tools operation. If damaged, have the power tool
repaired before use. Many accidents are caused
by poorly maintained power tools.
21. Keep cutting tools sharp and clean. Properly
maintained cutting tools with sharp cutting edges
are less likely to bind and are easier to control.
22. Use the power tool, accessories and tool bits
etc. in accordance with these instructions and in
the manner intended for the particular type of
power tool, taking into account the working con-
ditions and the work to be performed. Use of the
power tool for operations different from those
intended could result in a hazardous situation.
Battery tool use and care
23. Ensure the switch is in the off position before
inserting battery pack. Inserting the battery pack
into power tools that have the switch on invites acci-
24. Recharge only with the charger specified by the
manufacturer. A charger that is suitable for one
type of battery pack may create a risk of fire when
used with another battery pack.
DO NOT let comfort or familiarity with product (gained from repeated use)
replace strict adherence to rotary hammer safety rules. If you use this tool
unsafely or incorrectly, you can suffer serious personal injury.
Wear ear protectors. Exposure to noise can cause
hearing loss.
Use auxiliary handles supplied with the tool.
Loss of control can cause personal injury.
Hold power tools by insulated gripping surfaces
when performing an operation where the cutting
tool may contact hidden wiring or its own cord.
Contact with a "live" wire will make exposed metal
parts of the tool "live" and shock the operator.
Wear a hard hat (safety helmet), safety glasses
and/or face shield. Ordinary eye or sun glasses
are NOT safety glasses. It is also highly recom-
mended that you wear a dust mask and thickly
padded gloves.
Be sure the bit is secured in place before opera-
Under normal operation, the tool is designed to
produce vibration. The screws can come loose
easily, causing a breakdown or accident. Check
tightness of screws carefully before operation.
In cold weather or when the tool has not been
used for a long time, let the tool warm up for a
while by operating it under no load. This will
25. Use power tools only with specifically desig-
nated battery packs. Use of any other battery
packs may create a risk of injury and fire.
26. When battery pack is not in use, keep it away
from other metal objects like paper clips, coins,
keys, nails, screws, or other small metal objects
that can make a connection from one terminal to
another. Shorting the battery terminals together
may cause burns or a fire.
27. Under abusive conditions, liquid may be ejected
from the battery, avoid contact. If contact acci-
dentally occurs, flush with water. If liquid con-
tacts eyes, additionally seek medical help. Liquid
ejected from the battery may cause irritation or
28. Have your power tool serviced by a qualified
repair person using only identical replacement
parts. This will ensure that the safety of the power
tool is maintained.
29. Follow instruction for lubricating and changing
30. Keep handles dry, clean and free from oil and
loosen up the lubrication. Without proper warm-
up, hammering operation is difficult.
Always be sure you have a firm footing.
Be sure no one is below when using the tool in
high locations.
Hold the tool firmly with both hands.
10. Keep hands away from moving parts.
11. Do not leave the tool running. Operate the tool
only when hand-held.
12. Do not point the tool at any one in the area when
operating. The bit could fly out and injure some-
one seriously.
13. Do not touch the bit or parts close to the bit
immediately after operation; they may be
extremely hot and could burn your skin.
14. Some material contains chemicals which may
be toxic. Take caution to prevent dust inhalation
and skin contact. Follow material supplier safety


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