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Standard Dvr Functionality; Table 1: Dvr Recording Time Guidelines - Motorola DCX3520E-M Installation Manual

High-definition dvr
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HDMI (also compatible with DVI using an HDMI-to-DVI converter cable)
Component video (YPbPr)
Standard-Definition video output through Baseband
Audio output through:
S/PDIF optical digital audio connections
One volume-adjustable Baseband L/R stereo analog audio connection

Standard DVR Functionality

DVR functionality integrated with the IPG enables subscribers to:
Pause, rewind, fast-forward, or record live TV
Maintain a personal recorded program library and access it using the IPG
Select programs to record across multiple channels and time slots
Rewind and replay recorded programs
Simultaneously watch two programs, switching easily between them using the swap
Record a program in the background while viewing another live program
Simultaneously record programs from two channels while watching a different pre-
recorded program, with the ability to switch viewing between any of the three
Motorola cannot guarantee the exact amount of programming that each subscriber will
be able to record. The approximate time depends on the programming type and the drive
All times are approximate. The actual hours a subscriber can record are a function of
program bit rate, the IPG type, and the reserved buffer space.
High-Definition DVR DCX3510-M

Table 1: DVR recording time guidelines

Standard Digital
Drive Size
500 GB
350 to 700
175 to 350
Installation Manual
Estimated Recording Hours For:
HDTV Channels
100 to 160
50 to 60 (MPEG-2)


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