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Keep cables and plugs clean and dry. Corrosion may
cause a malfunction.
Do not twist the battery equipment. This may cause a
damage of the cable.
Harness (fig. C)
WARNING! Battery harness is not
suitable for climbing. It is not an aborist


Adjust the straps on the harness. The shoulder strap
attachment (18) can be connected in three positions.
Connect the shoulder strap (17) in the desired
position (18) according to size of the user. Turn the
shoulder strap (17) to secure the shoulder strap.
To change position, release the shoulder strap (17) by
pressing the button (19) and turn the shoulder strap.
Connect battery to harness (fig. B)
Open the buttons (16).
Connect the battery to the hooks. (15)
Push the buttons (16) to secure the battery.
Make sure that the battery is fixed on the correct
Install branch protection. (fig. G)
To avoid branches to stick in the handle, use branch
protection (22) if needed.
Connect product (fig. E)
Connect the battery adapter to the chosen product.
When using the 536LiR, connect the trimmer plate
(supplied with the trimmer) according to fig. F to the
battery harness.
Fasten the battery cable in the attachments on the


Backpack battery must be carried on the back while
Regulary check that the battery charger and the
battery are intact.
After switching the backpack battery on, there is a
startup time of about 4 seconds (software booting).
During that time, you can hear the fans inside the
backpack battery blowing and a green LED on the
battery is blinking. When the LED is lit green on the
battery, you can start to use the machine (only for
usage with Hedgetrimmer 136LiHD50 or Trimmer
136LiC: Please press the ON button on the machine
for at least 2 seconds to start working).
Battery switches off automatically when not used for
longer time (30 min approx). To restart, switch on
power switch (10).

Battery display and adapter display

The adapter display will show the correct battery charge
status but at the beginning minor deviations are possible.
Both displays show the battery capacty (7, 12) and
eventual problems with the battery (8, 14). The battery
capacity is displayed by pressing the battery indicator
button (6,11). The Warning symbol is lit when an error has
occured. See fault codes.
LED lights
All LEDs are lit
LED 1, LED 2, LED 3, LED
4 are lit
LED 1, LED 2, LED 3 are lit.
LED 1, LED 2 are lit.
LED 1 is lit.
On adapter display, capacity indication is shown in 1%
Charging (fig. A)
The battery must be charged before using it the first time.
The battery is only 30% charged when delivered.

Transport and storage

Always switch on the battery on the power switch (10)
(green LED (13) is lit).
Put the adapter in the battery charger. Husqvarna QC
330 Make sure the adapter is fitted correctly in the
battery charger. (2, 5)
The green charging light on the charger is lit when the
battery is connected to the battery charger. (3)
The capacity indication (7) on the adapter and the
power LED on the battery (13) are flashing during
Remove the adapter from the charger after charging.
The contained lithium-ion-batteries are subject to the
Dangerous Goods Legislation requirements.
For commercial transports e.g. by third parties,
forwarding agents, special requirement on packing
and labeling must be observed.
For preparation of the item being shipped, consulting
an expert for hazardous material is required. Please
also observe possibly more detailed national
Tape or mask off open contacts and pack up the
batteriy in such a manner that it cannot move around
in the packing.
Store the equipment in a lockable area so that it is out
of reach of children and unauthorized persons.
Battery status
Fully charged (80%-100%).
The battery is 60%-80%
The battery is 40%-60%
The battery is 20%-40%
The battery is 0%-20%



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