Battery Handling; Key To Symbols; Battery Safety - Husqvarna BLi520x Operator's Manual

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Key to symbols

Translation of the original Swedish operating instruction.
WARNING! Incorrect or careless use of
a battery can turn it into a dangerous
tool that can cause serious or even
fatal injury. It is extremely important
that you read and understand the
contents of the operator's manual.
Please read the operator's manual
carefully and make sure you
understand the instructions before
using the machine. Please read the
operator's manual of the relevant
Husqvarna cordless appliance
carefully and make sure you
understand the instructions before using the machine.
This product is in accordance with
applicable EC directives.
Symbols on the product or its
packaging indicate that this
product cannot be handled as
domestic waste. It must instead
be submitted to an appropriate
recycling station for the recovery of electrical and
electronic equipment. This product must be deposited at
an appropriate recycling facility.
Do not leave, store or use the battery
outdoors in the rain or in wet conditions.
You will find following labels on your Back-
Pack Battery:

Battery safety

This section describes the battery and battery charger
safety for your battery product.
(1) to (23) refer to figure A-G on page 2 and 3.
Only use Husqvarna original batteries for Husqvarna
products and only charge them in an original battery
charger from Husqvarna. The batteries are software
The rechargeable Husqvarna batteries, BLi, are
exclusively used as a power supply for the relevant
Husqvarna cordless appliances. To avoid injury, the
battery must not be used as a power source for other
4 – English


The following represents a typical, but not exhaustive list
of good advice to be provided by the equipment
manufacture to the end-user.
Do not dismantle, open or shred secondary cells or
Do not expose cells or batteries to heat or fire. Avoid
storage in direct sunlight.
Do not short-circuit a cell or battery. Do not store
batteries haphazardly in a box or drawer where they
may short-circuit each other or be short-circuited by
other metal objects.
Do not remove a cell or battery from its original
packaging until required for use.
Do not subject cells or batteries to mechanical shock.
In the event of cell leaking, do not allow the liquid to
come in contact with the skin or eyes. If contact has
been made, wash the affected area with copious
amounts of water and seek medical advice.
Do not use any charger other than that specifically
provided for use with the equipment.
Observe the plus (+) and minus (-) marks on the cell,
battery and equipment and ensure correct use.
Do not use any cell or battery which is not designed
for use with the equipment.
Keep cells or batteries out of the reach of children.
Seek medical advice immediately if a cell or a battery
has been swallowed.
Always purchase the correct cell or battery for the
Keep cells or battery clean and dry.
Wipe the cell or battery terminals with a clean dry
cloth if they become dirty.
Secondary cells and batteries need to be charged
before use. Always use the correct charger and refer
to manufacturer's instruction or equipment manual for
proper charging instructions.
Do not leave a battery on prolonged charge when not
in use.
After extended periods of storage, it may be
necessary to charge and discharge the cells or
batteries several times to obtain maximum
Secondary cells or batteries give their best
performance when they are operated at normal room
temperature (20 °C ± 5 °C).
Retain the original product literature for future
Use only the cell or battery in the application for which
it was intended.
When possible, remove the battery from the
equipment when not in use.
Dispose of properly.
Do not carry adapter or battery on the cable.



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