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Sony XAV-V750BT Operating Instructions Manual Page 26

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The name of the detected device does not
 Depending on the status of the other device, it
may not be possible to obtain the name.
There is no ringtone.
 Raise the volume while receiving a call.
The talker's voice volume is low.
 Raise the volume during a call.
The other party says that the volume is too low
or high.
 Adjust the [MIC Gain] level (page 14).
Echo or noise occurs during call conversations.
 Reduce the volume.
 If ambient noise other than the phone call sound
is loud, try reducing this noise.
 Shut the window if road noise is loud.
 Lower the air conditioner if the air conditioner
is loud.
The phone sound quality is poor.
 Phone sound quality depends on reception
conditions of the cellular phone.
 Move your car to a place where you can
enhance the cellular phone's signal if the
reception is poor.
The volume of the connected BLUETOOTH device
is low or high.
 Volume level will differ depending on the
 Reduce the volume level differences between
this unit and the BLUETOOTH device (page 12).
The sound skips during audio streaming or the
BLUETOOTH connection fails.
 Reduce the distance between the unit and the
 If the BLUETOOTH device is stored in a case which
interrupts the signal, remove the case while
using the device.
 Several BLUETOOTH devices or other devices (e.g.
ham radio devices) which emit radio waves are
used nearby.
 Turn off the other devices.
 Increase the distance between the unit and
other devices.
 Playback sound stops momentarily when this
unit is connecting to a cellular phone. This is not
a malfunction.
You cannot control the connected BLUETOOTH
device during audio streaming.
 Check that the connected BLUETOOTH device
supports AVRCP.
Some functions do not work.
 Check that the connecting device supports the
functions in question.
A call is answered unintentionally.
 The connecting phone is set to start a call
 [Auto Answer] of this unit is set to [ON] (page 14).
Pairing failed due to time out.
 Depending on the connecting device, the time
limit for pairing may be short. Try completing the
pairing within the time by setting a single digit
The BLUETOOTH function cannot be operated.
 Exit the source by pressing and holding SOURCE
for 1 second, then turn on the unit.
No sound is output from the car speakers during
a handsfree call.
 If the sound is output from the cellular phone, set
the cellular phone to output the sound from the
car speakers.
Siri Eyes Free is not activated.
 Perform the handsfree registration for an iPhone
that supports Siri Eyes Free.
 Set the Siri function on the iPhone to on.
 Cancel the BLUETOOTH connection with the
iPhone and the unit, and reconnect.
SongPal operation
Application name is mismatched with the actual
application in "SongPal."
 Launch the application again from the "SongPal"
Error displays/messages
Hubs not supported.
 USB hubs are not supported on this unit.
No Playable Data
 The iPod has no playable data.
 Load music data/files into the iPod.
 The USB device has no playable data.
 Load music data/files into the USB device.
Cannot play this content.
 The currently selected content cannot be played
 Playback content will be skipped to the next



Table of Contents

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