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Troubleshooting - Motorola HMSM4050 Quick Start Manual

Wireless motion sensor
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Sensor will not register with the
Wireless System Controller
Motion events are not triggered
How far away can the sensor "see?"
The motion sensor is capable of detecting objects up to 20 feet away with a field of view of 90 degrees.
How can I most effectively use my Wireless Motion Sensor with my homesight System's video camera?
The WMS can act as a trigger to your system's wired or wireless video camera. By positioning it in area ahead of the motion sensor
built into the video camera, the Wireless Motion Sensor can trigger an event ahead of time to have the video recorder capture the
event in its entirety. Keep in mind that the survey field of the WMS is 90 degrees when you position it in relation to your video
camera. Try not to have the WMS aimed directly in front of where the events will typically take place, but rather,to the side or angled
so as to include as much of the area in its sweep as possible.
Ensure that the sensor has fresh batteries.
Ensure that the Wireless System Controller is powered and online.
Ensure that you are pressing the Discovery button.
Reposition the sensor closer to the Wireless System Controller.
Try another location.
Ensure that the sensor is not positioned behind glass. The motion sensor is
triggered by changes in heat. Any material such as glass that "insulates"
keeps the camera from detecting heat changes (movement).
Ensure that the sensor is positioned properly, avoiding obstacles that can
Consider adding a Motorola Wireless Signal Repeater (HMAC9100) to
increase device signal communication range.



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